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X Construction
X Construction
X Construction
X Construction
X Construction
X Construction
X Construction
X Construction
X Construction
X Construction
X Construction
X Construction

Review X Construction

Jay Feldman
Decent animation, decent graphics, simple controls, quality physics
Old fashioned design, very common, bores you really quickly
X Construction for Android is a decent ferroequinologist bridge constructor game. The design is a little rudimentary but the physics is good and there’s potential for improvement.
X Construction is your basic bridge constructor game; there’s a gully, a set of tracks and a train waiting for you to construct a sturdy bridge so it can cross. You have a set number of girders to make your bridge, so strategy and logic come into play. Girders are only so long, so you have to plan how to stack and cross them to make a balanced bridge that will hold the train’s weight. When you think you’re all done, just hit the play button to signal the train, then sit back and watch your success or failure. You’ll either have a train full of happy travelers going along their merry way, or a group of screaming victims plummeting to their death, all at your hands. You’ll literally hear the bloodcurdling screams as the train plummets to the bottom of the gorge.
The controls work fairly well. Just touch and drag along the screen to place your girders; touch the wrench and tap the girders again to remove and reposition. The graphics are just ok; nothing special. The animation is relatively smooth, but very basic. So much more could be done to make this contemporary and interesting. But as it is, the play and visuals are merely adequate.
X Construction is decent but hardly memorable. There's not much innovation here, but kids should love it. However, this could get boring fairly quickly. I think there are better versions of this sort of game out there but if bridge constructing is your thing, you’ll probably be quite happy with this one.

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Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 7/10
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Dar'ya Suvorova
@...group of screaming victims plummeting to their death@ Oh my gosh...that sound already far too scary and too much for me! Will keep away from this one!
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