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Review Robotek

Sergei Petrov
Robotek game tells the story of the near future, when the power in the world will capture soulless machine. At the same time, strangely enough, the robots also very uncomfortable to live together, and they are constantly at war with each other. You will have the chance to lead a small army of iron and grab the whole world. Good prospects, is not it?
The game Robotek mixed several genres. First of all, this is a turn-based strategy, as the game You do not need any quick and hasty decisions.
70% of success in the game, oddly enough, does not depend on you, and on your luck. The game is built in a small slot machine in the form of roulette with three positions. You choose what you want to win: robot, protection, or super powers. That is, you spin the wheel, and you fall three different robot, here they come near you. If all three compartments will be one and the same robot, you get a robot, but pumped and powerful. The same can be said of the defensive and offensive abilities.

Video geimpleya Robotek

Most correct and sensible tactics in the game - this is from the first move to call robots, and then, until they are killed, use a superpower. But this is only the beginning, since further progress through the tactics necessary adjusted to the enemy.
After each battle you get levels and glasses, which can boost your droids or skill, just Robotek there more than 30 skills. By the time the game a very large, because to get it to defeat enemies in more than 200 levels, which are scattered on the world map.
At each level, on average it takes at least 5 minutes. It turns out that even in the best scenario, Robotek - not less than 17 hours of continuous geimpleya. But if that's not enough, the game has a simple and easy multiplayer, which in 5 seconds you will find a decent living opponent.


Since the game is free, it is not without its built-in shopping, which you can buy so-called charges. They may be required if you will not really drive it, and you will lose the starting 50 charges, but does not accumulate them. So, after 2 hours of play, you can play a couple of times, and the developers will put you in an awkward position: either pay, or start the game again. But in spite of the above possible nuance Robotek game deserves your attention.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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