Road Smash: Crazy Racing
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Road Smash: Crazy Racing
Road Smash: Crazy Racing
Road Smash: Crazy Racing
Road Smash: Crazy Racing
Road Smash: Crazy Racing
Road Smash: Crazy Racing
Road Smash: Crazy Racing
Road Smash: Crazy Racing
Road Smash: Crazy Racing
Road Smash: Crazy Racing

Review Road Smash: Crazy Racing

Alexander Vorobyev
Great 3D graphics, dynamic game play, customizable controls
Aggressive in-app purchases, too difficult to play
Road Smash: Crazy Racing! is a highly-dynamic racing game for Android with awesome 3D graphics where you will need to drive along a highway with heavy traffic and try to do as many crazy stunts as you can. Use your nitro, which is unlimited, and be as accurate as you can to avoid crashing into other cars.
The game is really pretty simple, both in terms of game play and controls. At first, you will see a map with available missions. Just tap on the first mission and start driving. The car will be accelerating automatically and therefore you will only need to swipe the screen to turn left or right. You will also be able to use unlimited nitro and customize the sensitivity of controls in the app settings.
Mind though that you will need to be really careful at adjusting the controls as it will be pretty difficult to squeeze through the heavy traffic. Complete missions, pump up your car, buy new vehicles, participate in championships, and floor it!
Road Smash: Crazy Racing! is a great and really fast-paced racing game for Android. Unfortunately, the game also features aggressive in-app purchases that you will have to use because the game is really difficult and gives you only 10 free tries at completing the level.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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