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Fruit Slice
Fruit Slice
Fruit Slice
Fruit Slice
Fruit Slice
Fruit Slice
Fruit Slice
Fruit Slice
Fruit Slice
Fruit Slice

Review Fruit Slice

Jay Feldman
Fun to play now and again, neat animation, one-finger controls
Lags a bit, very common, monotonous game play
Fruit Slice for Android is one of those classic games everyone should try; very simple, yet addictive and actually a great way to test the calibration of your screen.
Fruit Slice is one of those rights-of-passage games. You just gotta try it, even if only for a few minutes. There are tons of clones out there but this is one of the good ones. The play is pretty straight forward – a bunch of fruit is tossed up into the air and you gotta slash and slice them all with the cold steel blade of your trusty …finger? Yup, finger; the most lethal weapon known to man. Just flip someone the right one and see how powerful it can be. But I digress…
As you've gathered, the controls are very simple. Just swipe your finger across the screen with speed and precision. But the game isn't as easy as all that. Sometimes bombs are tossed into the air along with the fruit; be wary of those, because you’ll go boom and it’s game over. The game has four basic modes of play, Standard, Timed, One Shot and Pipeline. All of them offer unique challenges, like slicing fruit in certain sequences, or just beat the clock to slash as many as you can. It actually gets pretty intense and addictive.
The graphics are good and the animation is smooth. I really didn't run into any hangs while slicing, but the menus can be sputter and hang sometimes. The game doesn't seem to use a lot of battery. It’s fun, but can get boring fairly quickly.
Fruit Slice is a decent time waster of a game. You can play this one pretty much anywhere just to get your fix, and then set it aside until next time. Yes, you'll get bored with it, but soon you'll feel the itch coming back to slice more fruit.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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