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The Sims FreePlay
The Sims FreePlay
The Sims FreePlay
The Sims FreePlay
The Sims FreePlay
The Sims FreePlay
The Sims FreePlay
The Sims FreePlay
The Sims FreePlay

Review The Sims FreePlay

Alexander Vorobyev
Great graphics, simple controls, exciting game play, quality sound, quality 3d graphics, unusual game play, convenient controls
Kills your battery, in-app purchases, quickly kills your battery, in-app purchases
The Sims Freeplay is a real life simulator for Android that was eventually ported from PC to Android. Having been released by Samsung Electronics, it features equal game play as that of the consoles and gives you almost complete freedom of action.
At the very beginning of this game you will need to create your sim, or in other words, your character. It can be either a male or female whose appearance you will be able to customize or make random. When that’s done, you will see your sim inside of a house. You will need to perform various tasks—play with the dog, buy furniture, go to the restroom, and so on—to earn experience and level up.
At first you will need to completely furnish your house in accordance with your character’s needs. Price of the items you buy will directly depend on how well they are going to satisfy your needs. Moreover, apart from usual tasks related to your needs you will be given special tasks, which will be like you life aims, associated with the chosen temper of your character.
The Sims Freeplay is a great and exciting real life simulator game that is almost as functional and exciting as its PC counterpart. Among the game drawbacks are in-app purchases and high system requirements, which leads to killing your battery really quickly.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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ella, can u play the sims freeplay on oppo joy 3 by now? i'm curious for buying it  
My device is oppo joy 3 and it doesn't work because of a big data.
Brandon Girod
You'll probably need to connect to wi-fi in order to download the game. 
my device is Xperia Ultra Z , with Lolipop android 5.1 yet it shows incompatible
Brandon Girod
It might be your region. Try doing a google search to verify if the game is available in your region.
it is abest game
John Gorbsky
will the sims free play work on Dell Venue 8 pro 3000 Tablet  with windows 8.1 operating system 
Vlad Popa
I believe it should work on your device.
It can be downloaded from here:
Not compatible with my lg g flex neither....this sucks
I have a Samsung tab 4 is my device compatible
My phone is a Vodafone and it says not compatible with this version
Vlad Popa
Please mention the complete model and OS version of your device so I can provide accurate information.
If Google Play indicates that the app is incompatible with the device, then most likely there is nothing that can be done other than wait and see if compatibility will be added in later versions.
Jennifer Ann
LG G Flex just updated to 4.4.2 KitKat and still not compatible? Which is exactly what my old LG Optimus has, and Sims Freeplay works perfect on there.
CJ Iman
why isn't LG G Flex compatible
Country Courtney
Why It's not compatible with the Samsung Mega
also in samsung galaxy fame.I'm really disappointed
I have my sims and it tell me that I need 900 and something to do the update so I have the space when it gets to 75% it will stop downloading and it wont let me , I deleted the sims app and downloaded it again and it still wont work. It has been like that for the past month. pls help ASAP
Alexander Vorobyev
Hey! Check whether you have enough HDD space on your device. What exactly you mean when saying that you need '900 and something'? Is this about MBs?
I have an LG Optimus L7 II, P715. I downloaded the app, but a server error (-10) message comes up and tells me to go to eamobile website and select customer support. Cannot find any answers online.
Alexander Vorobyev
Is your Android firmware updated to the newest version? This game also requires at least 1 GB of RAM and your device has only 768 MB. That might be one of the reasons it doesn't work.
Is This Available On My 4.1.2 Jellybeans ? ^_^
colleen pugh
colleen pugh03 Apr 2014, at 16:45Sony Xperia E
it wont let me download on my xperia e it come up with your device is not compatible with this version what wrong with it help please really want this game
Alexander Vorobyev
Unfortunately, we cannot fix anything associated with the game and if it says that the app isn't compatible with your device, it probably really isn't. However, you can try checking whether you have certain age or country limitations.
Coby Kyros MID7048
Coby Kyros MID704828 Mar 2014, at 14:01Coby Kyros MID7048
I cant dowload a android games on my tablet.
Alexander Vorobyev
What exactly doesn't let you download the app? Please provide more details on your problem. In order to download the app you need to click at the button saying 'Free' that is located above. Let us know if you would have any other problems.
makeisha burgess
makeisha burgess27 Mar 2014, at 10:38Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3
Yall need to do better how the sims work on the other phones and this the mean phone it should work on what the hell.
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