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Evgenii Kostrov
GEARS & GUTS is another toy in which you have to sit behind the wheel of a car tricked out, pursuing only one goal - to clean the city of stray zobmi and mutants. In the first level, you'll just wind up on the wheels of all those who have forgotten the feeling of self-preservation. Thus the most important thing is not to stop, and put pressure on the gas, or you will secure yourself a green passenger who wants to deprive you of life.


As you progress through the game your car will be staffed by a variety of weapons, which will help to cope with stray dead at large distances without direct contact. Of course, you can continue to push the dead, but most of it will get bonuses for destroying them with weapons. In this game you are waiting for the big three-dimensional location, and at the end of the battle you will meet up with a huge mutant, whom have to spend a lot of ammunition and nerves.

The graphics in the GEARS & GUTS

The game is made entirely in 3D and be sure to delight you with advanced graphics, detailed game world, animated zombies and all that is indestructible. You can do without expensive and move freely in the parks and squares, spreading into splinters benches, fences, light poles and other small attributes of the urban landscape. While avoiding collisions with buildings, as each of them affects the condition of your car.


Management and soundDriving a car at the expense of the accelerometer and touch screen. Of the car are very realistic, except that it can turn on a dime. The whole gameplay is accompanied by music in the style of rock, or the sound of gunfire chainsaws, tires squeal on turns and sounds of the earth entrails flying zombies.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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