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Tales of Illyria
Tales of Illyria
Tales of Illyria
Tales of Illyria
Tales of Illyria
Tales of Illyria
Tales of Illyria
Tales of Illyria
Tales of Illyria
Tales of Illyria

Review Tales of Illyria

Alexander Vorobyev
Interesting and intricate plot, hundreds of missions
Too much text, too less action, graphics could have been better
Tales of Illyria is an elaborate text turn-based RPG for Android devices that features an intricate plot, many interesting quests, and hours of intercharacter communication. It is through talking the game is managed and only this way you will be able to save this beautiful world from an oncoming war.
The game features a really interesting and sophisticated plot. However, we’d like to warn our readers that the game is text-based and therefore you will need to spend a lot of time reading dialogues and speaking with people around. Only the smallest part of the game will be dedicated to battles, which are turn-based.
You will be playing a woman warrior who needs to save its city kingdom from oncoming attackers and manage the city in a proper way. Hire your team, talk with people around and upgrade your skills, and fight attackers. Lots of reading involved!
Tales of Illyria is a TBRPG that’s made in a classic way. It’s full of long dialogues and interesting missions. However, we think that the game could have been made in a more dynamic way and could have had way better graphics and detalization. It is priced at $2.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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