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Optical inquisitor
Optical inquisitor
Optical inquisitor
Optical inquisitor
Optical inquisitor

Review Optical inquisitor

Aleksei Chernikov
Perfect soundtrack, distinctive levels, exciting game play, interesting physics
Very short game, mediocre graphics, in-app purchases
Optical Inquisitor - this is an unusual game for Android, which combines several genres. The story tells about a criminal whose name is Tom. Former thief landed behind bars because of collusion former friends. While in custody, the protagonist built devious plan of revenge, which is offered to the player to perform. Do you have a sniper rifle, a little cash and a reliable informant who helps to track down all those involved in dastardly betrayal. Development of the game took a well known company Crescent Moon Games, which had previously managed to please players such products as Blocky Roads and Monkey Boxing. This game is quite unusual, and its gameplay will remind many sniper simulator Clear Vision . All the characters are presented here as a puppet figures, and the physics of fire claims the share of realism where you need to take into account wind speed and distance to the target.


So, the main character left the old home, a sniper rifle, a small amount of money and a reliable informant. To perform each subsequent mission to eliminate the abuser must visit informant who kindly share data on the whereabouts of a person for a certain amount of money. In this case, you can add funds via a hike in the casino or racetrack. In the first case, two player board games available: throwing coins and dice. At the races you can try your luck in betting or participate in the race itself. Besides services informant money will go to upgrading the sniper rifle. All in the game, there are two types of missions. Some will need to show your shooting skills. Sometimes it is best shot in the head. However, the protagonist does not want to go back to jail, and some deaths must be camouflaged by accidents. Man, for instance, can die from falling branches, which must be split in a certain place. Sometimes you need to put aside weapons and torture enemies more sophisticated ways to pull information.
However, the most difficult part of the game will be to defeat purposes. Rifle sight has two scales. The horizontal marks are wind speed and the vertical distance corresponding figures. In the upper left corner of each mission shows the wind speed, and to know the distance to the target is necessary to put it on target. Sometimes the complexity of calculating the two parameters is supplemented by the fact that the goal will be to move.

Features Optical Inquisitor for Android:

  • An interesting physics;
  • Useful and meaningful learning;
  • Ability to improve weapons;
  • Additional mini arcade;
  • A variety of levels.
The game is distributed free shareware. Initially available only 6 of the 20 existing levels. In order to remove the restriction proposed purchase extension for 1 dollar. Off cost as much advertising. By cons necessary to carry a small set of levels, which will last for a maximum of a couple of days of play.


Optical Inquisitor - is an exciting game, which is a simulator of the sniper. In addition, some levels contain components of the puzzle, and the process of making money is implemented as a separate arcades. Overall gameplay is very unusual, though is not new, since the same idea has been previously implemented in a series of simulators Clear Vision . Some points have been copied from the original, but overall the game is very different from what we have seen before. Story continues throughout the 20 levels that give the player a few hours of interesting gameplay with puzzles and interesting challenges.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 9/10
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