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Home Switcher
Home Switcher
Home Switcher

Review Home Switcher

Evgenii Kostrov
Home Switcher is a very small but very useful application for Android-devices, without which some users may well panic. Many experienced owners of devices running on the base OS Android, refuse various decorations, launcher and live wallpapers, trying to keep memory and battery life. Beginners usually migrating from mobile platforms are beginning to install anything that is not nailed. Including launchers, change the interface device.
Especially in this respect distinguished launcher Yandeks.Shell . Lucky users who have the "home" - it is, for example, to smartphones HTC. This button allows you to avoid problems with the return to the native interface. However, the large number of Android-based smartphones, this button is not present, for example, on the line from Samsung. It is in such devaysakh a problem with the release of a third-party launcher, and it is for them to be very useful Home Switcher.



This small program allows you to select the type of launcher just one touch. After running it you'll see a list of installed devices and shells in a single click can switch to the one that you need. Also, in this application it is possible to set up an automatic choice shell, to which the system will move when you press the "home" button or the main menu. The interface is very simple and intuitive. Setting shells are by clicking on the button "Launch" to the right of the selected launcher.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 6/10
Originality 10/10
Design 8/10
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