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Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja

Review Fruit Ninja

Alexander Vorobyev
Neat graphics, online multiplayer, simple controls
No significant shortcomings
Fruit Ninja is a highly dynamic slicer game for Android that is considered as the genre classic masterpiece. You will be able to become a ninja whose aim is to continuously slice various fruit and dodge bombs.
The game was released by Halfbrick Studios in 2010 and has been downloaded for over 100 mln times. It features good 3D graphics, addictive game play, and several game modes to choose from as well as dozens of perks and boosts you can buy on in-game or real money.

Game play

Fruit Ninja is really easy to play. Controls both in the menu and game are based on swiping or slicing gestures. Pick out the game mode you like and slice as many fruit as possible. In the normal mode you will need to continuously slice fruit and dodge bombs. If you skip three fruit or hit a bomb, you will lose. Arcade and Zen mode are almost the same, the only difference is that there is a time limit set. In Arcade mode bombs just steal 10 seconds of your time, whilst in Zen modes there are no bombs at all.
The more fruit you slice in one go, the more points you receive. In certain game modes you will also be able to slice magic fruit that will give you extra points or provide you other perks. To make playing easier, you can spend in-game money to buy boosts that protect you against bombs or give you extra time.
The game is highly addictive and it’s really exciting to slice the juicy fruit and watch them splash all around the screen.

Key features of Fruit Ninja for Android:

  • Good 3D graphics;
  • Simple controls;
  • Multiplayer mode;
  • Several game modes;
  • Boosts and perks that you can buy on in-game money;
  • Colorful splashes and dynamic game play.
The only drawback that we can list are built-in ads. However, they don’t really interfere with your playing.


Fruit Ninja for Android is one of the most downloadable games for mobile devices ever. It’s beautiful, addictive, dynamic, and free. Be sure to check it out!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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Wasana Jayalath
fruits cut game
Very good game
Very best game of fruit
Very nice game
Aman raj
My favorite game and this is best game
i like this game
супер игра 
i want to download temple run
Vlad Popa
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This is very good game.
Good man very good
I want to slice up all my fruits and eat it like a monster
I love you
stephen25 Mar 2014, at 18:11Samsung GT-S7562 Galaxy S Duos
it takes about two minutes to and how easy
It. Is. so. Awesome
It is very interesting games
mukesh sharma (MAK)
mukesh sharma (MAK)13 Aug 2013, at 02:20
Nice game i like it
I love this game its the best
sugan mainali
Dhaami game
prerak mainali
I want to cut a persons like a fruits
Its not Boring yurt just WEIRD :/
Your boring!!
Best best game
You got good taest
fruit ninja is awesome
Fruit ninja game is very good game.i like it
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its very awesome
Ankush Repuria
Best game
Jyothi yadav
This game is very intresting..
This game is so fun!
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chandu goud
Y i con't pay it
For the bettar games.
Wow I kinda hate this, it Won't let me download this...
why i cant play it
The best ever.
aida mo ando!!!!...........
aida mo ando!!!!...........30 Apr 2013, at 20:30
bolang ka!!!!!!!
rogor gadmowere? kompiuteridan romel papkashi gadavitano pocketbookshi ver vxvdebi :/ amixseni gtxov
Magaria. Prosta
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