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Mikey Shorts
Mikey Shorts
Mikey Shorts
Mikey Shorts
Mikey Shorts
Mikey Shorts

Review Mikey Shorts

Kirill Muhin
Mikey Shorts - a traditional arcade platformer for Android, where you once again have to save humanity from total annihilation. Threat became rebellious robots, ready to wipe people off the face of the earth. Stop global apocalypse must protagonist, Mikey Shorts. Together with him you have to defeat dozens of levels, which require good dexterity and reaction to run fast, jump and slide between obstacles.
Painted graphics done quite well, of course, 2D-format will not cause a storm of enthusiasm, but reliable design and bright colors make an attractive image. Animation and set modest effects adorn the game and make the gameplay lively and cheerful. Podstat design created and music, consisting of simple soundtracks.


At all levels, you will have one goal - to get to the finish line. Location, as usual, made up of various obstacles and inhabited by monsters. To cope with them is quite simple, the main thing - time to jump or to slide on his knees. Along the way you must collect gold coins, but it is much more important to pick up their shadows that give you the energy to power the gate opening.
For completing the levels you get rewards in the form of three stars, but for maximum assessment will need to collect all the coins and go location in the minimum time. As a result, to get three stars, you have to make several attempts, during which you will have time to study the layout of obstacles and enemies.
By managing you get used for a couple of minutes, because it holds in its traditional form: two arrows for movement and two buttons - jump and glide. It should be noted good sensitivity virtual keys, so you can quickly perform actions, and full control of the hero.

Mikey Shorts Features for Android:

  • Quality retro graphics;
  • Dynamic gameplay;
  • More than 80 levels;
  • 6 colorful locations;
  • Easy operation.
For retro platformer game performed very well. Of course, there are comments on the chart, but it is a minor drawback. You can buy an arcade for the modest sum of $ 1, and the price is fully justified, because dozens of levels you will be able to entertain a long time.


Mikey Shorts will delight all fans of classic plaftormerov with a straightforward plot. Speed ​​gameplay that need to pass the level is adjusted for the minimum time, make sharpen your skills and make dozens of attempts.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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