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The Descent
The Descent
The Descent
The Descent
The Descent
The Descent

Review The Descent

Kirill Muhin
The Descent - is a fascinating first-person quest for Android, where you will encounter with the ancient forces of evil, awakening after a thousand years of sleep. The plot twists around the "Book of the Dead", which is on giving anyone can resurrect the dead. Daughter of the hero for many years looking for this volume, but find entailed terrible consequences. Now you have to repeat the path of an archaeological expedition and learn all the secrets of what happened.
The game is developed on the basis of engine Unity3d, from which developers can squeeze all the juice. The world around us and appreciate highly detailed study of that allows you to fully immerse yourself in the mystical atmosphere. Much attention was paid to the physics, allowing the movement and behavior of objects as close as possible to reality. Experience will strengthen various graphical effects: dynamic lighting, shadows, explosions, collapsing and other elements. The final touch was the musical arrangement, perfectly fits into the overall ambiance and escalate the situation.


The gameplay is built very exciting: in addition to solving logical component, there are elements of action, for example, when the hero gets away from the monsters, or engaged in a gunfight. Yet most of the game have to strain gyrus in searching for clues linking disparate data and advancing the storyline. It is noteworthy that your journey will pass through Europe, deserts, caves, jungles and even through the afterlife.
Puzzle, as a rule, have a logical underpinnings, and therefore, all you have to do - is the care and ingenuity. For example, to clear the way, it is necessary to scatter stones and a switch. Important here is all sorts of information that will help find a solution to a difficult task.
Observe what is happening in the game world you will in the first person, and because of this, the control system used is very convenient. To control the hero uses two virtual joystick left responsible for movement and the right to change the camera view and use items. In addition, there are additional buttons that allow a jump, aim and change things in hand. There is another key, spaced apart in the upper left of the screen. It is designed to accelerate, which will help to survive in the highly dangerous moments.

The Descent Features for Android:

  • Excellent three-dimensional graphics;
  • Worked atmospheric clearance;
  • The mystical story;
  • Various locations;
  • Control of two joysticks.
Run game at a high level, it is equally well-designed graphics, story and gameplay. No significant deficiencies, you can specify only the lack of sensitivity of control, causing quick look or aim to be problematic. Moreover, there are technical problems associated with the fact that some devices or game strongly inhibits not started.


The Descent certainly deserves attention, because this level quests out less frequently. Clever plot and excellent three-dimensional graphics will immerse themselves in gameplay. The cost is $ 3 per game, which is not so much because of all the pros.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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