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Rig Racin'
Rig Racin'
Rig Racin'
Rig Racin'
Rig Racin'
Rig Racin'
Rig Racin'
Rig Racin'
Rig Racin'

Review Rig Racin'

Alexander Vorobyev
Decent graphics, lots of levels, no ads
Monotonous game play
Rig Racin’ is a fast paced racing arcade game for Android devices where you will need to drive trucks along the roughest and most challenging tracks full of danger and obstacles as well as bonuses. Well, these are not actually usual trucks, they are cement mixer trucks.
The game was developed by Soap Creative studio. Instead of boasting true-to-life physics, Rig Racin’ offers you awesome 3D graphics, three cement mixer trucks to choose from, over 70 levels to complete, and lots of various challenging and exciting obstacles that can even blow up your vehicle.

Game play

The game controls are really simple. There will be four buttons located on the screen: acceleration, breaks, and tilting to and fro. And though the cars look bulky, they can speed up alright and perform various stunts both on the ground and up in the air. The levels will be full of various obstacles like gas barrels, jumps, blocks, and even burning rings as well as bonuses and perks that let you boost to overcome the obstacles.
In every level you can earn the maximum of three stars. One stars means that you got to the finish line, the second one means that you did it on time, and the third one can be earned if you managed to collect all cement bags located along the rough terrain track. Apart from all of it, you will be able to paint your trucks in many different ways with money you make in-game.

Key features of Rig Racin’ for Android:

  • Nice 3D graphics;
  • Simple controls;
  • Dynamic game play;
  • Over 70 levels;
  • Over 25 paint jobs;
  • Lots of exciting obstacles and boosts.
This is a really good example of a free arcade racing game for Android. It features no built-in ads and offers you everything you need from a game like that.


Rig Racin’ is a great dynamic heavy-duty truck racing that all genre fans will like because of simple game play, awesome graphics, and lots of unique obstacles that are a simple fun.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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