Call of Mini Dino Hunter
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Call of Mini Dino Hunter
Call of Mini Dino Hunter
Call of Mini Dino Hunter
Call of Mini Dino Hunter
Call of Mini Dino Hunter
Call of Mini Dino Hunter

Review Call of Mini Dino Hunter

Kirill Muhin
Call of Mini Dino Hunter - a three-dimensional third-person shooter for Android, in which you become a hunter dinosaurs. The game is a good continuation of the series Call of Mini, which could really surprise. Developers changed vector and military battles instead offer an entirely new gameplay. Try to complete all story missions, constantly pumping hero and getting more and more powerful weapons. And when you're ready, you can take part in the collective hunt for huge bosses.
As in all the previous parts of the franchise, you expect a three-dimensional cubic picture. Prehistoric rainforests, various models of dinosaurs, well-designed animation effects and weight - all this makes the gameplay intense and fascinating. It is noteworthy that as you go you have to go in a completely different locations: forests, rocks, ice deserts and more.


The essence of the gameplay has changed dramatically, and now no team battles and skirmishes - you have to drive a dangerous hunt. Armed with a strange-looking weapon, you'll wander through the locations and kill dinosaurs, collect eggs and perform other tasks. For each overgrown lizard you get experience points and cash reward. Each time returning to the village, you will be able to improve the characteristics of the hero, learn new skills, as well as buy and pump guns.
But the main highlight of the game was the multiplayer corporate mode in which you and the other players will have to fill a huge dinosaur. On this task should be prepared to go out as much as possible, because each of the 24 bosses has its own characteristics, and in addition to them will always be around a bunch of bloodthirsty dinosaurs smaller. To win, will have to act as a team, using different skills and weapons.
And if the general concept of the creators completely redrawn, then controlled subtilize they did not. You will have two virtual joystick left responsible for moving, right - for aiming and shooting. Additional elements include button to activate abilities, weapons menu in the upper right corner, and that's it. Sensitivity control does not raise any problems, which is extremely important, as it is often highly dynamic gameplay pleases.

Features Call of Mini Dino Hunter for Android:

  • The cubic three-dimensional graphics;
  • The set of locations;
  • 21 types of weapons upgradeable;
  • 32 and 24 different dinosaur boss;
  • Weight achievements and artifacts;
  • Convenient control stick in two.
Graphics in the game is far from ideal, but to call it a serious drawback is difficult because the situation corrects design and a variety of effects. But present Donat can greatly puzzled, because to get the powerful weapon will either pour real money or hundreds of times held the same job.


Call of Mini Dino Hunter was not only able to continue the good tradition of the series, but also greatly change the very idea. Captivating hunting dinosaurs complemented the opportunity to participate in cooperative online battles against bosses.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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