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Review AutoRap

Jay Feldman
Fun, easy
Lags a little, portrait view only
AutoRap for Android helps you bust a rhyme and record a hit song, just like a gangsta rapper, and then share your creations with the world and climb the charts.
AutoRap is lots of fun. Basically, the app is a voice recorder and music sampler. Just tap the red button onscreen, say anything you like and the app will set it to music, complete with auto tune effects. It really doesn't matter if you have any singing ability. You could recite a grocery list, your favorite poem, or profess your love to someone. Whatever your jam, the app resamples your vocal recording and sets it to some funky beats.
The app features a host of songs to choose from, straight off the Billboard charts. You can literally choose songs by the most famous wrappers and current chart toppers. Most of the songs will cost you, however, you can also earn free plays. Once your track is finished to your liking, it can be saved and shared in all the usual ways. If you create an account, you can even post your track publicly within the app, and users around the world can listen, comment and vote on it.
Some people get really creative with their raps and the tracks almost sound like professionally released songs. But for the most part, people are just messin' around and having fun with it. It's a cool time waster and very easy to do. The app only displays in portrait mode, but works nicely with no issues.
AutoRap gives users the chance to be the rap star they always dreamed of being. Even white guys who can't sing will sound like funky cool gangstas, thanks to this app.

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 9/10
Design 9/10
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the camera doesnt work... -= ???=-
where is the download button
It saying not conpatible please help me
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