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Samsung Power Sleep
Samsung Power Sleep
Samsung Power Sleep
Samsung Power Sleep
Samsung Power Sleep
Samsung Power Sleep
Samsung Power Sleep
Samsung Power Sleep
Samsung Power Sleep
Samsung Power Sleep

Review Samsung Power Sleep

Aleksei Chernikov
Power Sleep - this alarm clock for Android, a key feature of which is built-in distributed computing. This option allows you to use your device's performance to good use, allowing you to process multiple data packets while the user is resting. This application is designed to help the University of Vienna in the research for the treatment of dreaded diseases, including cancer and Alzheimer's. Application development company Samsung was engaged with the University of Vienna. Using the application is based on the platform of BOINC. Earlier products BOINC already been implemented both for computer platforms, and mobile. However, this app combines alarm clock function and then distributed computing, helping the user to research exclusively during sleep, when not in use.

interface and capabilities

Annex welcomes the user a series of slides with information on the work product. The main idea is that the device must be connected to the charger, and have an active internet connection. In the settings you can disable the use of mobile data to transmit and receive packets made exclusively via Wi-Fi. The app itself looks like a beautiful alarm clock. In order to expose the right time for the alarm should be moved around an animated slider special label as Earth. In the settings you can set melody frequency signals and vibrate. From the moment the user has opened the application and set the time work begins on the exchange and processing of data.
This user does not need to worry, because the computational processes will put the device battery. Application only works when charging more than 80%. And after the appointed time the bell alarm clock, stop information exchange.

Power Sleep Features for Android:

  • Easy to use;
  • Beautiful design;
  • Detailed alarm setting;
  • Ability to help scientific research;
  • Support for social networks.
The application is free and has no advertising, that, based on the idea of ​​developing quite logical. Such "smart" Service was created to help users research, and, unfortunately, this is the only feature of the application. Along with such a functional alarm clock как Timely и Sleep Time , the application can not boast any features, and differs little from the standard application.


Power Sleep - this beautiful alarm clock for Android, which contains the function of distributed computing. This feature will allow the user to assist in research, University of Vienna. If you've always wanted to help someone donated computing capabilities of your device - this app is for you. Given that there are all functions of the standard alarm, your phone will receive, process and send information back small packets of no more than 1 megabyte.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 9/10
Design 8/10
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