Mad Skills Motocross 2
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Mad Skills Motocross 2
Mad Skills Motocross 2
Mad Skills Motocross 2
Mad Skills Motocross 2
Mad Skills Motocross 2
Mad Skills Motocross 2

Review Mad Skills Motocross 2

Kirill Muhin
Mad Skills Motocross 2 - is a fascinating motocross simulator for Android, where you will control a powerful sportbike. Ride the bike and go to the competition, where you have to carry on challenging tracks, overtaking its rival. Accelerate and soaring into the sky, perform crazy stunt. Not Reduce your speed, nesites forward, jumping on huge trampolines.
Dimensional graphics had a good elaboration, thus rendered model and the location at the proper level, allowing you to enjoy the spectacular races. Much attention is paid to developers of physics, which is as close to reality, and it means that you have to learn to accurately control your bike, jumping on the slides and performing tricks. As such, there is no musical accompaniment, it was replaced by the sounds of engines roaring and screaming spectators.


The game is made ​​in the style of scrolling platformer. Your bike is moving in a plane that does not spoil the gameplay. Trails made by the standards of motocross, that is composed of an infinite number of ascents and descents with a different slant. As a result, to quickly get to the finish, you need to precisely control your motorcycle constantly monitoring it in the air, especially during landing. After some practice you will be able to perform tricks, though nothing from them depends, you do not even give extra points.
Developers offer three modes: Normal race, time trial and multiplayer. The first kind of racing can be called basic, because it lets you discover new stories and earn achievements. Then you will have to compete with virtual drivers that will make you hone skills. The winner is determined very simply, who crossed the finish line first is the winner. In time a trial is necessary to set records, breaking the track in minimal time. Live racing will test strength in races with real players.
Management can be learned in a few seconds, nothing tricky in it. On the left side of the screen are buttons "Gas" and "Brake", while the bonus is also accelerating. On the right side there are two buttons that control the tilt of your bike and play an important role, with their help you will be able to land softly and do tricks.

Features Mad Skills Motocross 2 for Android:

  • High-quality hand-drawn;
  • Realistic physics;
  • Three game modes;
  • 7 motorcycles;
  • Convenient and responsive handling.
In fact, a lot of bugs in the game. Among them, the monotonous background locations, the lack of upgrades and only one bonus. But really no big minuses, and even present Donat darkens gameplay. Distributed game free of charge and no bonuses other than buying additional investment would be required from you.


Mad Skills Motocross 2 is designed primarily for fans of motocross, because in fact the game has a modest gameplay without any interesting features. Of course, you will see good quality drawn graphics and physics, but, anyway, this race a long time unable to captivate.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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