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Brandnew Boy
Brandnew Boy
Brandnew Boy
Brandnew Boy
Brandnew Boy
Brandnew Boy

Review Brandnew Boy

Kirill Muhin
BrandNew Boy - this anime-ish fighting game for Android, where you have to wage fierce battles with crowds of enemies, having more than a strange look. Hero inexplicably ended up in a strange world that is inhabited by natives, like vegetables and wild animals. Meet the locals are not set immediately, since these cute creatures seemingly decided to turn you into mincemeat. In this situation, you only remember the guy fighting skills and start punching their fists way home.
Created a game based on Unreal Engine 3, which provided high-quality three-dimensional image that is different detailed surrounding world, realistic physics of movement and great animation. Through this battle look dynamic and rich. In this case, it is worth noting that the design is in the style of anime that is expressed in drawing characters and cartoon effects.


As with all games of this genre, you are endless battle with a variety of enemies. Each opponent has its own set of unique techniques and means for each of them to look for a suitable technique and fighting strategy. Levels are divided into several zones, which have to wave their fists. After destroying all the enemies on the location, you can go to the next step if necessary to improve skills or to purchase the right accessories.
Each new level will differ not only in appearance but also inhabitants. Please stand in your way hulking creatures that look like pears whipping. But the further you advance into the territory of the natives, the more dangerous it will become enemies. In this case you can not avoid battles with the bosses that you can completely frazzle and forced to spend all harvested medicinal elixirs.
Special attention is given control, which is very different from the usual for the genre system. You will not see any buttons and joysticks, all actions are performed tapami and swipe. In particular, in order to strike, you just need Tapan on screen vygadyvaya right moment. Dodge enemy attacks you can, making swipe in any direction, after which the hero will do a somersault. Apart from the usual bumps in your arsenal will be special combos that are activated by simply clicking on the icon in the bottom of the screen. By the way, during the battle to move freely, you can not, that is a big minus.

Features Brandnew Boy for Android:

  • The engine Unreal Engine 3;
  • The graphics in the anime styles;
  • Two game modes (story and endless battles);
  • Leveling hero and buy accessories;
  • Manage tapami and swipe.
The main disadvantage of the game is very simple operation, which makes it impossible to fully control the hero. In addition, there is a hard Donat, which is reflected in the fact that most improvements can only be bought for real money. On the upside-designed graphics and interesting design.


Brandnew Boy cause positive emotions in people who like Japanese cartoons. But even they are unlikely to enjoy a highly simplified combat system, which made it impossible to enjoy the gameplay. Distributed game on a fee basis, while its value for all the shortcomings clearly overstated and is $ 4.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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?????21 Mar 2014, at 05:41Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9
How can a kindle fire user even play this if it isn't on the amazon app store.
?????21 Mar 2014, at 05:40Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9
How is a kindle fire hdx user suppose to play it if its not even on the eshop
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