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Review Shardlands

Kirill Muhin
Shardlands - is an addictive puzzle game for Android, where you go on a trip through the ancient gates. Random archaeological find for the hero turns surprising and dangerous adventure to another part of the galaxy. Use alien technology built to overcome the intricate maze filled with traps and dangers. Your goal - to collect artifacts, with which you can go home.
Mysterious and gloomy atmosphere unexplored world completely overwhelm you from the first minute of the game. Detailed drawing of the three-dimensional world as refined texture and shade locations make attractive and unusual image. In addition to a great design, you will see a variety of effects, with which it appears in the presence of an alien world. Calm and deep melodies that accompany you during the conquest levels allow you to focus on the gameplay.


The basis of the game is the conventional idea of the labyrinth, which spiced lots of logical riddles. Each level in their own interest, because it is constantly there will be new obstacles and enemies. But, in any case, you need to pass to get the artifact and collect all the energy, then you can go back through the portal into the common room. The ultimate goal is for you - the collection of all elements of the ancient mechanism by which to create an interdimensional shift in their native land.
Locations have kind of woven together trails. Often path blocked some trouble: the abyss, the laser beam, the door locked, alien monsters or cunning mechanism. To solve these problems, you need to carefully examine all the nooks and find the switch or other means. Note that the character has unique abilities: He can move the movable elements, to move quickly in the form of a bunch of energy and attack enemies electric charge.
Gameplay is unhurried pace, so the management tapami fully justified. In particular, to make the hero act, you just need to click on the place you want to send. Incidentally, tapnuv twice, you can speed up your character or make him carry out the attack. To activate the device and open the doors enough to approach to the control panel and click on the button that appears. To move the movable object, you need to click on it and hold your finger to move in the desired zone.

Shardlands Features for Android:

  • High-quality three-dimensional graphics;
  • Worked atmospheric clearance;
  • A variety of puzzles;
  • 25 interesting levels;
  • Manage tapami.
Some significant disadvantages in the game is found, all performed efficiently. You can try the first five levels for free, and then decide to purchase the full version. No donation or advertising you will not see that, of course, can only be happy.


Shardlands - it is a great puzzle game with a sci-fi story that will please every fan of the genre. Atmospheric locations and a wide variety of puzzles for a long time to sit down and let the game. The cost of the game is fully justified.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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