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Madman Drop
Madman Drop
Madman Drop
Madman Drop
Madman Drop
Madman Drop
Madman Drop
Madman Drop
Madman Drop
Madman Drop
Madman Drop

Review Madman Drop

Kirill Muhin
Madman Drop - this is an entertaining arcade game for Android, where you have to help escape from the crazy madhouse. The problem is that the hero dressed in a straitjacket, and his escape will pass through the caves. Jump down and crawl like a worm, descending lower, simultaneously collecting coins and bonuses. How far can you run until you press down slowly creeping no ceiling? The game received a cheerful drawn graphics and simple décor. The protagonist has-developed animation, which is expressed in the movements of the limbs during the fall and convulsions when they hit the stone. Unfortunately, throughout the game you will see a cave monotonous, without any signs of change.


In fact, the gameplay is infinite and has no logical conclusion. Your goal - to score as many points, falling down. Complicate your attempts to escape will rock ledges and narrow tunnels that need to take place as soon as possible to avoid being pinned under the ceiling.
Our hero is wearing a straightjacket, causing severely limited in movement and can only crawl like a worm, and, interestingly, he is doing these movements are surprisingly agile. At its crazy way runaway just have to collect coins and letters. First would be required to purchase powerups and various accessories. A gathering of the letters the word «crazy», you can go to the bonus level where barreling down without any obstacles, have to catch to collect more coins.
All control is reduced to tapam the screen, each of which will cause the hero to shrink and crawl. The faster you Tapan, the nimble will creep character. But we should be careful, as if dropped from a great height fugitive may lose consciousness, and bring him to his senses to help all the same speed tapas. No additional functional elements do not.

Madman Drop Features for Android:

  • Cute hand-drawn;
  • Funny animation hero;
  • Infinite gameplay;
  • Various accessories for the hero;
  • Manage a single tap.
The disadvantage of the game can be called infinite and monotonous gameplay, and the developers do not even care about the periodic change terrain. And everything that can entertain themselves - is the collection of coins and change the appearance of the fugitive. Distributed free of charge arcade and present Donat (where the same without it) does not infringe the players, which in principle can be attributed to the pluses.


Total . Madman Drop can be classified taymkiller who are pleasant to pass 10-15 minutes. But the journey through the endless caves bored, and after several attempts to return to the game no longer want. And yet, it is worth noting the original idea and humorous approach to implementation.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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