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Knight Storm
Knight Storm
Knight Storm
Knight Storm
Knight Storm
Knight Storm

Review Knight Storm

Kirill Muhin
Knight Storm - this is an interesting arcade game for Android, where you are lucky enough to go to the Middle Ages and the present become a knight. Your life will be dangerous and addictive. Start your journey with the management for its castle, where the business executive will need a firm hand. But most importantly, the hero is waiting for tournaments and travel. Train and improve your skills to win all the battles and get the glory of the hero.
Fully three-dimensional graphics with detailed drawing of each player's delight. During battles, you can see every rivet on the armor of the enemy and enjoy a variety of views. Much attention is paid to developers of realism, having worked every element, from the type of buildings to the external appearance of the models. However, at a good level implemented physics, animation and effects, they make the gameplay exciting and eventful.


Most of the time you spend playing on the tournament arenas. Fight other knights you will be the most dignified way: on horseback with lances in their hands. An important point is the study of tactics and the use of magic. Before each round, you can choose one of the medals, and the main thing - to beat the opponent to the optimal improvement. But the fight itself has been very interesting. You must lodge his spear right on target, which is marked on the body of the enemy. Constantly adjust the direction of attack to inflict maximum damage. After the collision, freeze time around, which will consider how accurate and was lucky punch, and if you're lucky, the opponent will throw out of the saddle.
In addition to prestigious tournaments, the hero and make long trips, the purpose of which will be mining treasures, rescue people and expanding their territories. During the journey you will come across mini-games, you will encounter enemies and be able to communicate with different characters. Incidentally, during the wanderings fights are somewhat different. In particular, you'll have to battle on foot, using the sword, although often clash with the knight, and a standard battle on the spears. For the implementation of a succession of missions you get rewarded.
Special attention should be your castle, which will be not only a place of rest, but also your training camp. You have to build new buildings, increase the number of serfs and do other household chores. Here you can buy new elixirs, improve equipment and acquire new magic talismans. But, as you know, all this luxury requires funds and resources in the game quite a lot. In addition to gold, there are crystals and rubies. Obtain all be like in battle, and for carrying out missions.

Knight Storm Features for Android:

  • High-quality three-dimensional graphics;
  • Interesting historical clearance;
  • Detailed drawing models;
  • A variety of battles;
  • Colorful battle;
  • Long story missions;
  • System improving ammunition.
There are small flaws in the design, and in particular in exploring locations that lack diversity, so they look meager and boring. But the main trouble was the Donat, which applies to all. To participate in the battles required strength and health, which are gradually being restored, but lack their maximum 5-6 battles. Also have experience difficulties with finances, which in the right amount to make very difficult. But for the presence of free play in-game purchases has long been the norm.


Total . Knight Storm will please all lovers of the Middle Ages and knights. The game will give the opportunity to feel the charm and romance of that period and take part in the traditional battle knights. Also, it is worth noting that if you want you can challenge other players via the integrated multiplayer.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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