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Rakoo's Adventure
Rakoo's Adventure
Rakoo's Adventure
Rakoo's Adventure
Rakoo's Adventure
Rakoo's Adventure

Review Rakoo's Adventure

Kirill Muhin
Rakoo's Adventure - is a fascinating runner for Android, where you have to help the funny animals reunited with his beloved. Run through a variety of locations, maneuvering between obstacles and avoiding meeting with wild animals. Overcome many dangers, collect flowers and perform a mini-quest to finally achieve their goal.
On a par with some interesting ideas, the developers implemented perfectly and graphics. Bright, rich in detail and traced the picture will please any player. Separately want to mention funny models and, of course, the hero, who was not only cute appearance, but also a lot of emotions expressed in facial expressions and movements. Adorns the game and lots of effects that occur when you use bonus and during other important events.


But the picture surprises do not end. The game will be and dynamic gameplay with lots of interesting moments. In total you will have to run a 64-level, which are located in different areas, ranging from jungle and ending mountains. Besides the main missions, you will be offered extra pass and where you will be credited for the win extra rewards. The most surprising was the presence of bosses that will make you all show skills.
To pass each mission you only need to run to the finish. Your path will complicate various wild animals, rocks, holes and more. It is noteworthy that the hero has a lot of freedom to move - in fact, it can move freely across the visible area level. Through this, you can easily maneuver between emerging dangers. Unfortunately, jump and slide the hero can not, but without it his journey very exciting and diverse.
In addition to running between the obstacles in each level should collect flowers and icons depicting the hero, which will provide additional resources. The currency of, you guessed it, it will be flowers, and they can buy not only accessories and bonuses, but even his own pet, which will help during the passage locations. For example, the very first your friend knows how to shoot seeds that are easy to scare away animals and strong smash stones.

Features Rakoo's Adventure for Android:

  • Great hand-drawn;
  • The bright and elaborate design;
  • More than 60 levels;
  • A variety of enemies and bosses;
  • A set of bonuses;
  • Free movement on the location.
Serious shortcomings in the game has not been noticed. Graphics, gameplay, story, and even cause positive emotions. It may be noted only slight drawback in management, which is expressed in a delayed reaction to your action hero. But you get used to it quickly, and five minutes later he becomes invisible. Distributed game free of charge, with virtually no impact Donata palpable.


Total . Rakoo's Adventure will give you a bright hand-drawn graphics and entertaining gameplay. Rich and varied levels can permanently captivate any player. And if you like this genre, you'll just love it. The game can take a few minutes or several hours, so to translate it into the category taymkiller not worth it.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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