Survivor: Zombie Outbreak
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Survivor: Zombie Outbreak
Survivor: Zombie Outbreak
Survivor: Zombie Outbreak
Survivor: Zombie Outbreak
Survivor: Zombie Outbreak
Survivor: Zombie Outbreak

Review Survivor: Zombie Outbreak

Kirill Muhin
Survivor: Zombie Outbreak - it's a dark quest for Android, which together with the main character you will need to survive in a world full of zombies captured. Coincidentally, your character escapes death during the first wave of infection. Hiding in the woods, he finds abandoned house, and decides where to hide. From this point you will have to survive on their own, relying only on their own strength and ingenuity.
Story telling about the zombie apocalypse, has long become boring, so one would expect some progress in the schedule, but here the developers have shown enough mediocre image. Drawing locations with average detail hardly impress anyone, for that matter, and overall stressful surroundings. A climate of fear is maintained by the blood trail, vile revived the dead and constant moans.


The gameplay is built on a system point & click, so you will have little freedom in movements. In fact, you'll just watch the various scenes where you can Tapan on individual active zones. But it's worth noting that the story and the game world is quite diverse, and you have to go to a variety of situations and locations.
As you can imagine, a large emphasis on puzzle, with a strange feeling that they are intended simply to keep you busy. Many tasks do not fit into the story. For example, hitting a house, you'll see a bunch of locks with key code and cache that seem intentionally left for you. Logic brainteasers most easily traced, but difficult moments with enough surplus.
Pleasantly pleased with a large variety of items that can be used and combined with each other. Each object has its purpose, and in some cases can serve you for a long time. For example, a hammer is an excellent means of exterminating zombies comes his way, but with the same success he can blow a hole in the wall. No clues or no interference in the game - just have to think out their own, carefully studying each location.

Features Survivor Zombie Outbreak for Android:

  • Modest drawn graphics;
  • The frightening sound design;
  • The set of locations;
  • Dozens of items for use;
  • A simple control system.
In general, the game is made at the secondary level. For obvious disadvantages include graphics, which lacks detail and more competent vectorization. Several lame and the plot, because in fact the developers have not invented anything new and even old developments could impair the introduction of obscure puzzles and caches that do not fit into the overall story. Also happy little banner, which is permanently displayed at the bottom of the screen. Meanwhile, download this quest, you can absolutely free.


Total . Survivor: Zombie Outbreak can advise fans of zombie theme and classic adventure point & click. Nothing new or original developers could not create, but the variety of locations and puzzles players will brighten a few hours or even days.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 9/10
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