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Kirill Muhin
Lawless - this is an excellent three-dimensional shooting range for Android, where you can feel like a professional criminal. Your hero has just been released from prison, where acquired knowledge not only useful, but also necessary acquaintances. Begin your journey with banal robberies and try to take over the mafia clans. Tense shootout with police and competitors, hundreds of weapons, unusual jobs, own gang - that's what awaits you in this game.
Despite the fact that the game belongs to the genre of poster galleries, developers gave her a first-class three-dimensional graphics, which already sets it against other counterparts. Not only that, you will see the details that were drawn and a variety of locations, awaits a huge number of effects. Separately want to note realistic collapsing objects, in particular, on the locations, you can shoot almost everything - cars, glass, furniture, wooden boxes and stuff. Performed at the proper level and musical arrangement, which consists of winding melodies and sound effects, allowing the entire dive into the gameplay and enjoy unrestrained fighting.


Many are the games from the category of "shooting" very biased, which is not surprising, because most of them get bored after five minutes. But LAWLESS be called glaring exception. Events will be held in various locations from the busy streets to country houses, but they have in common is that there will always be evil and a dozen well-armed enemies who are trying to shoot you.
Gameplay mechanics is strongly reminiscent of gaming machines-90s. On location, there are various objectives that need to quickly shoot, not falling under the bullet. It is noteworthy that all the enemies behave very professionally - they seek to hide behind cover, and the numerical superiority always lead barrage without giving you the opportunity to respond. In addition, they are not averse to use grenades or plant sniper on the top floor of a nearby targets - all this makes the gameplay is intense and exciting, and most importantly makes a different look at the genre.
But the game is not only interested in gunfights. Developers have prepared a good story that could be stepping stone for a classic thriller. Each mission has its own goals and to achieve them, you need to prepare a certain way. It is expressed in the choice of weapons and command. Weapons - this is one of the advantages, as you will see hundreds of species of guns from pistols to sniper rifles. By the way, you can attract to your friends adventures, which can then be used as members of his team.
Management, as you might guess, very simple. All you have to do - is to quickly and accurately Tapan on Target. Hero's movement is minimized, in particular, you can only select the next zone level.

LAWLESS Features for Android:

  • High-quality modern graphics;
  • Excellent detailed locations;
  • Weight graphic effects;
  • More than 100 types of weapons;
  • The ability to create your team;
  • Long storyline.
Besides the standard minus - the inability to move, should note the presence of Donato. All other aspects are implemented flawlessly. Incidentally, Donath, really overcome, but will have to make more effort, and several times to pass particularly difficult mission. However, all this can be easily forgiven, because shooting is distributed free of charge.


Total . LAWLESS proves that with the right approach can make even shooting dynamic and fascinating. Exciting shooting in different conditions, the mass of weapons gangster history and the ability to create your team make the game really exciting.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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