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Monster Slash
Monster Slash
Monster Slash
Monster Slash
Monster Slash
Monster Slash
Monster Slash
Monster Slash
Monster Slash
Monster Slash
Monster Slash
Monster Slash

Review Monster Slash

Kirill Muhin
Monster Slash - this is an unusual and interesting arcade game for Android, where you have to go into battle with a variety of monsters from the mysterious bubbles to animated skeletons. Your journey will pass through different locations, different appearance and have been waiting for you to dangers. Try to overcome all levels, constantly pumping his hero and increasing its power.
The game received a simple hand-drawn graphics with a nice design. All levels are presented in the form of a straight road without any additional elements. Monsters also turned more funny than scary, but that did not spoil the experience. Several image adorn a set of effects and modest animation with which the gameplay becomes a bit dynamic.


Graphics unlikely to surprise someone, but it is not necessary, because the developers have made ​​the main focus on the gameplay. We can say that it is quite original, at least it's different from most games. At each level, your character runs forward gallantly, simultaneously killing all the enemies that appear in his way. Used to attack rather interesting mechanics.
As a weapon the character uses twin blades that famously fly forward and cut enemies, then come back into the hands of the hero. Interestingly, for the throw you need to draw the flight path, and it can be completely arbitrary. But here it should be noted that the monsters are constantly moving, and therefore have to be proactive. In addition, each monster has its own abilities. For example, skeletons can be caught with a shield, which is a weak point of the spin. On location, there are other troubles such as armored balloon capable discourage your weapons and does not make an accurate "shot".
As expected, from killing monsters you will pay the money, which you can then improve some characteristics of the hero. Of course, one should first upgrade weapons, boosting its flight and increasing in size. It is also possible to add life and character to get other bonuses that can help in passing levels.

Features Monster Slash for Android:

  • A simple hand-drawn;
  • Dozens of levels;
  • The unusual game mechanics;
  • system improvements hero;
  • Easy operation.
Of the minuses can be noted too simple clearance levels, developers add worth at least a few obstacles. Together with disabilities in exploring locations annoying and monotonous gameplay that does not change throughout the missions. Other significant deficiencies were noted and this despite the fact that the game is distributed free of charge.


Total . Monster Slash pleases its unusual game mechanics, in which you are invited to freely control the arms of the hero. Simple hand-drawn graphics and dozens of levels may well attract fans unpretentious arcades, whose main goal to help "kill" time.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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