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Review HonorBound

Kirill Muhin
HonorBound - a turn-based role-playing game for Android, in which you will wage an uncompromising war against the army of Chaos. Select a character and begin your epic journey, driving a constant battle with a variety of enemies. Assemble a team, involving the detachment of skilled warriors and powerful sorcerers. Accumulate experience, find and use artifacts, train your hero and units - all it will take to win the last battle.
Made the game a good level. High-quality hand-drawn happy thoughtful and varied design, which allows you to experience yourself in a fantasy world. Bit depressing lack of animation effects and monotonous, but it is attributed to shortcomings, perhaps impossible. The musical component ideally fit into the overall atmosphere and adds to it, at the same time would like to mention many additional sounds such as cries of warriors, the clanging of swords and much more.


The whole gameplay is a step by step look that certainly sharply reduces its dynamism, but the variety of locations and enemies will not let you get bored. Your journey will pass through a variety of places, ranging from dense forests, ending hellish wasteland.
Gameplay is divided into two components: a journey through the world and battles. Moving to locations you can choose your route, identifying with what will have to fight monsters. However, it should be noted that on the first level there is no freedom, as a rule, you will have only one pathway. In battle mode, you move to a small arena where you can see their rivals, which can be from one to six. Fight takes place in the same step by step - the soldiers and enemies will strike the queue. Outcome of the battle is hard to predict because it depends largely on your tactical abilities and prepared artifacts.
Particular attention is devoted to the development of the game and hero units. During the passage of the locations you can find and earn a certain amount of resources required for upgrades. Basically you need to do gain special powers and skills your characters. In addition, before the next job is better to check your team and choose the best company. With the development, the hero learns to lead the more units, and each of them will help in the fight for their unique skills.

HonorBound Features for Android:

  • Colorful hand-drawn;
  • Long storyline;
  • The set of characters;
  • system improvements for each unit;
  • Step gameplay.
The main and most embarrassing flaw of the game - it Donat. It applies to all aspects of the game, ranging from energy to each turn, ending with the purchase of various items. As a result, normally pass all levels not infusing real money is almost impossible. In terms of graphics and gameplay no complaints, everything worked out very accurately.


Total . HonorBound will please fans of turn-based games, where there is always time to consider moves. RPG component competently designed and implemented, and tactical elements allow you to enjoy every fight. Distributed free of charge to the game, but as mentioned above, pass it without spending money still will not work.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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