Amateur Surgeon 3
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Amateur Surgeon 3
Amateur Surgeon 3
Amateur Surgeon 3
Amateur Surgeon 3
Amateur Surgeon 3
Amateur Surgeon 3

Review Amateur Surgeon 3

Kirill Muhin
Amateur Surgeon 3 - this is an unusual surgeon simulator for Android, in which you will have to spend questionable transactions. In your arsenal, no scalpel and needle, will wield a chainsaw, a stapler and other instruments that are not intended for dissection of the human body. The whole game is imbued with black humor that oozes from the dialogues of the characters.
Implemented in a very peculiar game. Drawn graphics is of good quality, but the design of mixed feelings. While in the operating room, the impression that you were in the lab, where Frankinshtneyna created. Dirty walls, terrifying tools and tortured patients. And of course, you will see the bloody scenes, dissected human bodies and entrails.


Despite the fact that the game is done in comic form, the gameplay worked well and has lots of interesting moments. Ongoing operation you require good coordination and concentration. You will not just open and disembowel people - you have to cure them. For example, your table gets a prisoner, which bustles cheats. And that he survived, you have to pull out all foreign objects from his body and mend every wound.
Variety of instruments is quite justified, because you have to work with a variety of diseases: open heart surgery, organ transplants and even brain repair. Of course, all actions have a simplistic view, but that the gameplay does not suffer. Each procedure requires precision and skill. Instruments can not just wave you have to do neat cuts, controlling the speed of movement of the blade.
During surgery, you need to constantly monitor the condition of the patient, and if his heart rate slows down quickly it needs to inject adrenaline that will give you a little more time to finish his treatment. In addition, the entire manipulation discharged strictly limited time. The end result is the same and therefore your reward will depend on the speed and quality. In particular, for every successful action, you get points and more of them, the greater your salary.

Features Amateur Surgeon 3 for Android:

  • Interesting hand-drawn;
  • Humorous story;
  • Various operations and instruments;
  • Several heroes;
  • More than 20 levels;
  • Addictive gameplay.
Like the game is not all due to the large amount of blood and biting dialogue. In addition to the moral nuances of shortcomings can be attributed due to technical errors which often occur "Departures" and "freezing". And of course, there is the bane of most free games - Donat.


Total . Amateur Surgeon 3 will delight people prone to medicine, even a hand-drawn comic may well satisfy eager to do the surgery with their own hands. But the children to fend this game not worth it, as well, and strongly susceptible individuals.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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