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Kiwi Dash
Kiwi Dash
Kiwi Dash
Kiwi Dash
Kiwi Dash
Kiwi Dash

Review Kiwi Dash

Kirill Muhin
Kiwi Dash - is a fun runner for Android, in which you will manage Kiwi bird. Heroine attempt to take back the great totem stolen treacherous cats. Run on the locations, collecting fruits shaggy, dodge the missiles and knocks down the arrogant cats.
Game released familiar studio GAMEVIL Inc, known by such masterpieces as Cartoon Wars: Blade and Zenonia 5 . But their runner, soon got a through because it does not shine or graphics or gameplay. Picture as a whole is quite decent, but it lacks the diversity in locations and study models. Effects and animations are also quite mediocre appearance.


Like all runners, then you have to run forward, overcoming endless obstacles. No original innovations no, as in hundreds of other games in this genre. Controlling the bird, you will need to help her to make the jump and kick when on the road will be the enemy. By the way, despite the fact that the Kiwi has wings, she flies with great difficulty and spends this monstrous amount of effort, this is best left flying in extreme cases.
During the race you will need to collect shaggy fruits, which are the equivalent of money, which you can buy additional bonuses or change the character. But here it should be noted that prior to the first purchase will have standing to make a dozen attempts, the only way you will earn enough money. In addition to gathering, get help fruit mini tasks that are monotonous to madness: run a given distance, to collect a certain amount of fruit and make the n-th number of hops.
Attention is to focus on some aspects of gameplay. Bird runs and jumps with ease, but the flying enemies and hit her very hard, and the last action requires energy, which is extremely small. So, you better escape from danger than to fight it. Fill scale forces can be brought together with the elixir bottle, or having obtained the corresponding bonus. Just note the flying letters sometimes collecting them you will be the word that in the end will provide additional compensation.

Features Kiwi Dash for Android:

  • Infinite dynamic gameplay;
  • A simple hand-drawn;
  • Various bonuses;
  • Some characters;
  • Manage two buttons.
Distributed game free of charge, so the presence of donation is to be expected. But it's worth noting that the in-game purchase practically limited gameplay. Disadvantages are mainly concentrated in the schedule, pick up where diversity and detailed drawing.


Total . Kiwi Dash - is another runner that will help pass the time. Simple gameplay and simple controls will play anywhere, even in public transport. If you are looking for another taymkiller, the game may well take this place for a few weeks.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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