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TowerMadness 2
TowerMadness 2
TowerMadness 2
TowerMadness 2
TowerMadness 2

Review TowerMadness 2

Aleksei Chernikov
TowerMadness 2 - this is an interesting game for Android in the genre of Tower Defense. In the story, the visit aliens on earth is to steal sheep. These creatures are known to bring a valuable resource - wool, which seems to have become useful not only for the people. Sheep under the protection of hereditary ram Bo can not fend off a technologically advanced race. Help the animals can only player, thanks to an extensive arsenal of different towers. Game development studio took Limbic. Developers have excelled great shooter Zombie Gunship and, as the name of the game, the first part of the game about protecting the sheep. TowerMadness was very popular, however, the graphics and gameplay left much to be desired. Repeat the mistakes no one was going, and continued fun Tower Defense combines all the features of the prototype, but with updated graphics and other features.


Aliens, as it should be planted on the ground because of their flying saucers at special points. The main purpose of our planet guests are sheep who blithely graze on the lawn. Trajectory of the creatures shown special line. User installing platforms, blocking this pathway may thus varying this trajectory. This opportunity is a great tactical bonus since arbitrary towers installation may not be enough to win. The player has a set of towers. First, there will be only two, and to replenish the arsenal will have to turn to your enemies. Aliens are ready to sell you weapons and improve return on wool. Last resource will be a player in abundance, as sheep are willing to pay you for a successful defense. Number of towers, the user can take the defense of each level is limited. Weapon Type should be selected depending on the type of enemies in. For example, some are immune to plasma weapons, while others are not afraid of frost.
Total 160 levels in the game in 4 packages. If the complexity of the first 40 levels will be only in the tactical component, on the other players will test. For example, the second episode of the action takes place in Africa. Debilitating temperature will cause overheating of the towers of the continent, partly force the player to change strategy. On top of that, each level can be passed in the mode of increased complexity.

Features TowerMadness 2 for Android:

  • Classic gameplay;
  • Bright 3D-graphics;
  • Convenient control zooming;
  • A great number of towers;
  • More than 160 levels.
The game is distributed charge, which guarantees the absence of advertising. But the system of in-game purchases here designed to trifles. The player must choose for themselves, once to pay in order to increase the stock of wool or several times to pass the same levels for self-accumulation.


Total . TowerMadness 2 - it's a great Tower Defense, which is a continuation of the first part of the game. Was borrowed from the prototype only the idea of ​​salvation sheep, but the graphics and gameplay is much improved. Users waiting for a large number of missions, the performance of each of which will be accompanied by the necessity of thinking through each step. Despite the fact that the game is paid, for passing on the maximum results you must use the in-game purchases.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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