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Legendary Wars
Legendary Wars
Legendary Wars
Legendary Wars
Legendary Wars
Legendary Wars
Legendary Wars

Review Legendary Wars

Kirill Muhin
Legendary Wars - this is a great game for Android, where you have to defend your castle and deal with a huge number of monsters of all shapes and sizes. The ranks of your army will knights, archers, dwarves, fairies, witches and even unicorns. With this combat power you are not afraid of any zombie or even dragons. Try to clear all the fabulous world of the presence of evil, walking up the crusade of forests to snow-capped peaks.
Made the game is quite high quality, hand-drawn graphics pleases interesting models and a variety of locations. Thanks to high-quality rendering and effects of all the battles look dynamic and bright. And so you do not get bored during the battle, the developers added a great soundtrack, which will raise your morale.


At its core, the game is a classic idea, called "defense of the castle." That is, your aim is to protect the stronghold of his power, destroying all enemies. But apart from defense, and you have to keep a strong attack to prevent further attempts. From the canons of the genre, developers have gone far enough, adding many of their own innovations that make the gameplay more interesting.
The entire game is divided into levels, with, in addition to the usual battles wall to wall, and you are waiting for other tasks. For example, you have to run one of the heroes on the battlefield, or to organize a defensive perimeter with a limited number of units. As a result, you will not monotonous mess, as in prior art, and a very intense gameplay.
Encouraged by the presence and improve the system for the characters and your castle. Each soldier has a number of characteristics that can be pumped, and when it reaches its peak, you'll be able to pick it up in rank, giving new skills. However, it should be noted that funds for all those nice upgrades will be extremely small, so it is worth considering before you start throwing money right and left.
Some problems may arise with the control of your army, which is associated with the implementation of the control system feature. All locations consist of three "tracks" which are moving and your enemy soldiers, on this before the next call on the unit is necessary to define at least a protected path. Each hero can be controlled separately, sending it to the front or on the contrary, removing the reserve. For this purpose it is necessary for tapnut and select one of the commands in the top panel. Likewise, given the order in droves. Of additional funds you will have the unique abilities of each character and spell book.

Legendary Wars Features for Android:

  • High-quality hand-drawn;
  • The diverse design levels;
  • A large number of units;
  • system improvements;
  • Browse control in battle.
The game has minor flaws that relate to effects and animation, but the general background they are almost indistinguishable. Really big drawback can be called Donut, which severely restricts the passage levels, which means that without an infusion of real money to go away is unlikely to succeed. And oddly enough, but the game is distributed on a paid basis, and although the price is $ 1, it is not justified since the presence of Donato.


Total . Legendary Wars will please all fans of the genre, and sometimes this game surprises even the most experienced player. New and unusual gameplay elements, a variety of missions, many levels and some freedom in the control system allow the game to stand out against the background of a large number of peers.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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