Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy
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Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy
Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy
Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy
Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy
Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy
Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy
Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy

Review Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy

Kirill Muhin
Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy - is an atmospheric quest for Android, where you have to go on an exciting journey. Old researcher Emile Valenboys on his deathbed shared secret hero of his latest adventures, during which he found the mythical white bird that lives and dies only in the air. Now your task is to follow in the footsteps of last expedition to recover stolen eggs of rare birds. Look for hints and clues that will lead to the goal.
The game came to Android from a PC, and its debut she made in 1999. But more important is that its development was engaged Benoit Sokal, who is more known for its quest Syberia . Of course, after 15 years, the game is no longer in wild delight in terms of graphics, but the picture is still pleases carefully decorated and inviting atmosphere. A special place is given to musical accompaniment, which includes a large number of soundtracks, dilute-quality sound effects.


The gameplay is built according to the genre, with all the events, you will observe the first person that will feel the whole atmosphere of the game world. Your journey begins with the lighthouse, where the old man lived Emil. Having carefully considered all the rooms, you will find a lot of new information, which will push the hero to the expedition. Most important asset - it's stolen decades ago egg white bird. Different tips will guide you to the far corners of the world, but in the end, you have to get on a mysterious island Amerzon where inhabits mythical creature.
Gameplay mechanics refers to the category of point & click, the essence of which is that you only move from scene to scene using special markers. In other words, you are limited in terms of displacements, and all operations will be performed on the tap of the icons. However, at each location there is an opportunity to look around, twisting the camera 360 degrees.
And of course, the main part of the game is tied to all sorts of puzzles whose solution will constitute the lion's share of total gameplay. Here it should be noted that each task requires some knowledge that you get by reading tips, books, letters and other text-based media. As a result, no matter how you want, you have to immerse themselves in history, with all its intricacies.

Features Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy for Android:

  • Atmospheric three-dimensional graphics;
  • The fascinating story;
  • The set of puzzles;
  • Scene videos;
  • Manage tapami only.
Disadvantages immediately apparent and they are expressed in the outdated graphics and limitations in movements. But here it is worth remembering that the quest came out 15 years ago, so much to dwell on this attention is not necessary. Throughout the rest of the game can only be happy, and certainly fans of the genre will not regret buying it for $ 3.


Total . Amerzone The Explorer's Legacy - a classic computer quest defected to the mobile platform. The game has an exciting plot and non-trivial puzzle that became her trump card. Does not spoil the experience even outdated graphics and the lack of freedom of movement.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 9/10
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