Super Bit World 2D Platformer
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Super Bit World 2D Platformer
Super Bit World 2D Platformer
Super Bit World 2D Platformer
Super Bit World 2D Platformer
Super Bit World 2D Platformer
Super Bit World 2D Platformer
Super Bit World 2D Platformer

Review Super Bit World 2D Platformer

Kirill Muhin
Super Bit World 2D Platformer - a classic platformer in which you control the hero, wading through an incredibly difficult and dangerous locations. Each level is filled with all sorts of traps and obstacles that can be overcome only by performing all the actions accurately at high speed. Try your hand at two modes where you have to show an amazing response and speed.
The developers decided to perform game in retro styles, using pixel graphics, which although looks primitive, but captures the atmosphere of the old platformer. About plotting and elaborate images do not have to say, everything is made as simple as possible, although a small set of effects slightly brighten the overall experience.


The game has two modes, which are very different from each other. In the first, you will see the classic platformer in which you must reach the finish line, collecting coins and avoiding all sorts of circular saws and precipices, to lasers and explosives. Levels in this mode very much, and every next is more complicated. In the second mode, you should just throw enemies out of a cannon, and the fun will take place in a limited area that cause you to ride and shoot at breakneck speed.
Naturally, the more interesting the first mode on it and dwell. Locations made very interesting. They consist of simple "sticks", creating the game space. The path can be very intricate, for example, may need to climb narrow the well or run through a long tunnel, which is crowded with dangers. Pass the level necessary for the shortest possible time, for this feat you will be given extra coins. By the way, all the money collected will be useful for opening new locations, and, farther, the price level will be more expensive.
All control is reduced to three buttons: two arrows and jump. While in the "fire" there is an additional, which can be used to activate a huge bomb that will destroy all enemies on the scene. Location and sensitivity of all keys is not satisfactory, which is extremely important as the gameplay is very dynamic and distracted management there once.

Features Super Bit World 2D Platformer for Android:

  • Pixel art;
  • Classic hard anchoring gameplay;
  • Big set of levels;
  • Two game modes;
  • Manage three buttons.
Of course, graphics done at a low level, and it is quite a big disadvantage for modern games, although this genre picture pixel enters the bounds of the permissible. But, a lot of advertising that constantly closes the screen is very, very frustrating, besides there is a small and Donat.


Super Bit World 2D Platformer will attract the attention of fans of retro games that will not find fault with mediocre pictures and gladly take on the most difficult passage levels. Everyone can enjoy the game, because it has a small system requirements and is distributed free of charge.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 7/10
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