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World of Goo
World of Goo
World of Goo

Review World of Goo

Sergei Petrov
World of Goo game first appeared in 2008 on personal computers. Arcade game developed two former employees of studio Electronic Arts. Needless to say that WoG was named "Game of the Year" in 2008, among the low-budget "Indie"-projects.
Version of World of Goo for Android released three years later, and just what we needed, went for touch. Ported the original game a very high quality, because looking at it, do not even say that it is a "port".
The essence of the game is to build various figures out of mud balls, called Goo (Goo). Do you have a certain amount of balls to build shapes and downpipe, which you need to get. Grab the ball and bring it to the side of the figure to make the new part of the framework. Here's how it works:
Naturally, after the passage of the first levels, new types of balls Goo. For example, even at the fourth level, will give you the green, white, gray and black balloons. Each type has its own characteristics that must be used when passing levels.
Total game contains over 48 levels, the passage of which even experienced players will take more than four hours. And if the first levels seem frankly easy, then after the tenth level will have to think of a strategy and generally think before every action.
Play World of Gooo preferred the tablet or smartphone with a large display. On budget models can slow down the game, but overall very comfortable to play. Use two fingers to zoom, you can zoom in and out look.
The graphics in the game, as the animation is executed at a high level, you can rate it on to make a screenshot. For musical component also can not bring any claims, 28 soundtracks perfectly complement the gameplay.
All balls Goo, which you can save, get a special mini-game "Corporation Goo", which is already open on the third level. In it you will need to build a tower to heaven, and the higher, the better.
The game, of course, paid, but there is always the option to try it for free with the demo version of World of Goo, you can download from Google Play.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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