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Pyro Jump
Pyro Jump
Pyro Jump
Pyro Jump
Pyro Jump

Review Pyro Jump

Aleksei Chernikov
Pyro Jump - is a fun arcade game with simple controls for Android about a candle flame, which despite its small size has all the properties of fire and endowed with ambition arsonist paper toys. From level to level character will overcome a lot of obstacles to get to the paper princess.
In the role playing arcade developer studio Pinpin team, which previously dealt exclusively with the creation of educational games for kids. This game has taken over from the early works of cartoon graphics and excellent animation, but the gameplay will appeal to both children and adults.


So, the main character of the game is a small light that besides his natural skill ignition has also bouncy properties. However, the player is invited to monitor the movement of a character with only one jump. To spark jumped only one touch in any area of ​​the display. Easy? Yes, but only on the first level, where the main difficulty is to choose the right moment to move.
Can not say that with the passage of the gameplay dramatically transformed. Levels continue to consist of spinning platforms on which light can sit down and jump to the next object. In addition, there are special circles with arrows that correspond to the trajectory on which character will fly if it will jump to the object. Also you will find powerful trampolines and other fun tools to move. Interferes with the movement are being prickly round, one touch of which dooms the user to re-passage level.
The game consists of 70 levels in 4 worlds. At the same time every 4 levels accompanied by the opening of the bonus mission. In addition, in each level you will get to the final goal - paper princess also need to collect small lights. Number of objects collected and the time spent on the passage, formative assessment from one to three stars.

Features Pyro Jump for Android:

  • Vivid graphics;
  • Simple operation;
  • A large number of levels;
  • Bonus mission;
  • Gradually increasing complexity.
The game is distributed charge, has no advertising and contains a limited number of free levels. Bonus levels have to buy. However, before this can reach not all users. Despite the fact that the game is very fun and colorful, the gameplay is very monotonous and can bore a few levels where the user requires endless and monotonous clicking on the screen.


That developers are professionals in the field of games aimed at the younger age group can say with certainty. Pyro Jump its bright, simple and fun gameplay components of each layer can captivate even an adult. But after a few levels you annoy the game starts, because we compare it with other, more diverse arcades where occasional user podkidyvayut logic puzzles and other features, diluting the gameplay. Children, most likely, will not confuse this cavil, that will certainly lead to the purchase of the last 20 levels.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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