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Review Dokuro

Dar'ya Suvorova
Dokuro - nice platformer for android, in which, as a skeleton, we disembarrass princess from captivity, passing heed to her from all sorts of dangers and overcoming incredible, at first glance, obstacles. Beautiful hand-drawn graphics, cute animation and many riddles to solve - all this you will see within the travel to the magical world with the dark atmosphere and a wonderful romantic history.
Princess Punt - is one of the previous projects of the studio. And here the idea is very much in common with the gameplay and storyline Dokuro - we valiantly defended the princess from the different monsters and dangers. But in this arcade game was a lot more humor, bright painted picture, as well as generally more child-oriented.


Of terrible castle you have to choose a roundabout way, looking at each level a beautiful flower, which emits wonderful sounds, as a symbol of life and freedom. But what is the power of love? Of course, no accident ordinary soldier, nothing unsightly skeleton, suddenly decided to go against all, helping a beautiful princess. And naturally, the power of love will not only help him cope with all the miseries and dangers, but also turn out ridiculous and very nondescript beings in a real prince!
Princess is not able to see his savior until he turns into a handsome prince, and it happens because many incidents. Also due to the fact that the character of Princess nekontroliruem us practically, it moves automatically and may at any time fall into the trap or stumble upon dangerous monsters. Many tasks and puzzles will have to do for a while, so do not be surprised if after a delay you eventually have to start the level again.
Initially present on the screen only 5 buttons: pause, arrow keys to move left and right buttons to jump and attack. In those moments when the protagonist can do something about it, there are additional buttons like the hand (for levers, push boxes and so on) and small (for connecting the elements of the world). Also, at certain times will be available double jump and magic potion.

Dokuro Features for Android:

  • Romantic plot with fabulous slant;
  • Beautiful hand-drawn graphics Gothic;
  • Lots of interesting puzzles;
  • Atmospheric quality humor;
  • Convenient single-step control;
  • Great music.
The game can still be found occasionally bugs with departures,'s hanging on the brakes and levels. As often happens, no patterns in data bug was found. Thus the cost of the arcade is only $ 3, which is quite acceptable for such a quality product as a whole.


Dokuro - The original platformer for Android with puzzle elements in which you will be assigned a noble mission to rescue the princess. This arcade is definitely worthwhile. You probably will experience difficulties in passing not the second or third, so the fifth or sixth level that would make a little nervous. But the pleasure of passing you get a lot more, so it's worth it.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 9/10
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