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Review Spacelings

Evgenii Kostrov
Spacelings - this is a great puzzle game for Android-devices, in which you will have to find the shortest path from the spacecraft to a lost man. You are the captain, who was forced to leave the planet and go to explore the depths of space. After returning home, you found the devastation and chaos, and almost the entire population of the planet was abducted by aliens.

Objectives and Management

So, your task will be to find in the game of the people themselves and to return it to the planet. In every level you operate teleports the beam, studying crannies of the galaxy. With the help of his own going on and found herself transported men. Beam steering is done by moving the finger over the screen. Change its direction can be almost anywhere: just make svayp in the right direction, and in this place set a mirror that reflects the beam.
In case you need to take two at once a man and they are on different sides of each other, it is possible to hold the beam with a right to the second. If that does not allow a path length, can wait until the first man gets to the central intersection, and removing unnecessary mirrors, set them in the direction of the second man. At first glance it seems too simple, but this is false. The fact that you can only use a certain number of mirrors, and the shortest way often is not.

Gameplay features

But that's not all the difficulties. Those who stole the people of your planet and scattered to the corners of the universe know that you are engaged in search and rescue. Guard the hostages they were not, but the mine site, which can pass Teleports ray, not lazy. Mines do not explode from the beam, and just teleport to the ship and have it explode. To get rid of mine, you have to entice them out of the tunnel with the beam, and once they begin to leave the bottleneck of the tunnel, just remove the mirror for a while and wait for the mine explodes, faced with the first obstacle.


In total, the game has more than a hundred levels that will please you for interesting puzzles, nice graphics, coupled with good effects and great music, reminiscent of the good old cartoons about space adventures.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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