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Rocket ROBO
Rocket ROBO
Rocket ROBO
Rocket ROBO
Rocket ROBO
Rocket ROBO
Rocket ROBO

Review Rocket ROBO

Kirill Muhin
Rocket ROBO - is a colorful and exciting puzzle arcade game for Android, where you will meet with a sweet robot. Throughout his life he lived in the outer lighthouse together with his friend, and their main fun was the observation of celestial bodies. One night, the characters do not see any point in the sky sparkling. Without hesitation, bold robot decided to go in search of them. From this moment you embark on a journey through the extraordinary and amazing locations that are filled with traps and lose a star.
Making the game turned out just great: colorful locations designed and made in the format of 2,5 D, study of affect and detail. Each level is interesting in its own way, and a plurality of individual elements immediately attract the eye and make the image brighter and more saturated.


Gameplay is a mix of puzzle and arcade, and so you have to solve logic puzzles, and cope with a variety of troubles. Your goal is simple enough: it is necessary to get to the exit as possible and collect all the stars. The farther you will go, the harder it is to achieve its goal. There will be many obstacles, such as circular saws, bombs, mines and more. Together with obstacles and will add additional elements: Teleports, rotary mechanisms, locks and stuff that make strain Brains to find the right path.
The robot travels in a vacuum using a jet engine built into his legs. During the flight, be aware of inertia, which can play a bad joke, for example, throwing you into a mine or spikes. To avoid fatal mistakes, you should learn how to adjust the flight of the hero, making small adjustments every second. With a little practice, you may well be able to show the wonders of maneuverability and agility.
The main part of the control is tied to the accelerometer. Tilting your device, you will control the direction of movement of the hero. To start the jet engines you just need to press and hold your finger on the screen. An additional element in the management are swipe up and down, with which you can move from one level to another location, or activate some interactive elements. No more buttons or no tricks, and it allows you to quickly master the game.

Rocket ROBO Features for Android:

  • Beautiful and high quality graphics;
  • Sophisticated physics hero's movement;
  • Dozens of levels;
  • Variety of traps and obstacles;
  • Manage accelerometer.
Distributed game fee, but the price is $ 1 more than modest for such an outstanding puzzle. It has no serious flaws that would be able to spoil the experience or overshadow gameplay. However, I would like to see more levels, because in the heat of the game, you can go for a few hours. But this defect developers should fix soon, presenting updated with lots of locations.


Rocket ROBO will please all fans of logical arcades. Perfect blend of two genres makes walkthrough rich and fascinating. Moderate levels of complexity and diversity will help to brighten up a few hours.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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