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Review Floatifications

Kirill Muhin
Floatifications - is an application for Android, which will allow you to arrange a convenient and flexible notification system. All events on your device will be displayed in the form of pop circles that quickly inform you about the change in the status of a program. Flexible settings and the ability to customize the appearance, allow to adjust the application for each user.
Pop alerts take the form of circles, while inside they can see the icon of the application that changed their status, which allows you to immediately determine the importance of the event. Clicking on the notification will display additional text information, which is extremely useful if you received a message or e-mail.

Application features

Before using the program should go to the settings section. There are three main menus: system functions, interface and behavior. Application settings allow set the basic parameters of work, such as a map in full screen mode, the sensitivity window alerts and more. Changing the interface will allow to select the optimal size of the circle and text, and you can choose the color scheme and icons. The most important step is to identify the training processes and parameters to create notification.
You can choose the applications of which will be notified. For each process, you can specify additional information: view the full text of the message, a quick response, the backlight (even during the lockout), continuous display of the icon. All these features allow precise adjust work with notices, though fine-tuning will have to spend a few days - through trial and error.
A few words should be said about working with pop circles. Notification will appear on top of all open windows, and no matter you are playing or watching a video. To view the notice simply tapnut at him, and then choose the possible actions. If several events occur simultaneously, then there is a corresponding number of circles that overlap each other, and to view them you need to click on the last of them. To close the message, simply double-tap.

Features Floatifications for Android:

  • Useful for displaying notifications;
  • Change in appearance;
  • Setting behavior for each process;
  • Quick view and reply to messages;
  • Runs on top of all windows.
On the disadvantages of a lot to say, but go over them briefly. First, there are a large number of technical flaws, as developers have reported in the description on Google Play, so it does not work correctly with devices from Samsung and HTC, however, experienced users are offered various kinds of "crutches" that require manual intervention. Secondly, any notice, in fact, duplicated, and in the status bar, as a result, after a few hours may accumulate a mountain of unread messages. And finally, it should be noted that some applications and did refuse to interact with this program, and these will be typed more than a dozen.


Floatifications - it is quite convenient and useful application that will interest people who use a lot of programs that require constant monitoring. So you can customize the display of messages, e-mails, update, and much more. Of course, while there are many flaws, but even in this form using the application convenient and pleasant. Spread it on the trial system, which gives an opportunity to test the full functionality for free, but only for two weeks, then will have to purchase the full version, which costs $ 2.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 7/10
Design 7/10
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