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Syobon Action
Syobon Action
Syobon Action
Syobon Action
Syobon Action
Syobon Action
Syobon Action

Review Syobon Action

Kirill Muhin
Syobon Action - it's hard arcade roots for Android, which is easily recognized legendary Mario game. But the similarity is only external and it ends on the design of gaming space. The main role will be the white cat, and the enemies and do like kolobok. And all this is flavored unthinkable amount of traps and obstacles that will accompany you at every step.
Developers came to the realization with a modicum of humor about this, you will see strange creatures and black humor, expressed in the form of statements and dastardly enemies traps levels. Of course, the graphics leave not the most pleasant experience, but believe me, you will forget about this deficiency as soon as you start to pass the first location.


Gameplay can enter into a stupor, especially for the first time minutes. The fact that the location crowded with all sorts of dangers, traps and the bases. For example, a character may suddenly fail floor, or drop a huge plate. At the same time predict these events is simply impossible, they need to remember and try to avoid in the next attempt.
All bases and trap locations do extremely complex, while to get to the finish line will have to make dozens of attempts, until you remember the location of all the dangers and do not learn to overcome them quickly. Small indulgence on the part of developers is that there are check-points, from which you will begin further passage after death. It is worth noting that you will not see any bonuses, and all the attractive elements, such as a fungus that in the original version allows Mario to grow, then turn the hero in pumped monster that breaks through the floor and immediately dies.
With control of every sort out because it is made by a standard scheme: four way navigation button and "jump". But simplicity is overshadowed by the realization, in particular strains of poor responsiveness to pressing virtual buttons that severely hampered in the passing game. In addition to the basic elements, there are two additional buttons: start a level with the last saved point and accelerate twice.

Features Syobon Action for Android:

  • Hard anchoring gameplay;
  • A huge number of traps and obstacles;
  • 4 challenging levels;
  • There are no bonuses and tips;
  • Standard control.
Game created exclusively for fans of super arcades which will not claim the quality of graphics and design borrowed. In addition, all understandable shortcomings can be noted also problems with the management, which has poor responsiveness.


Syobon Action will be a boon to all fans of hard-anchoring arcades, which exhaust the nerves and cause holes to overwrite the device's screen. For passing on all four levels you leave plenty of time, because each of them have to go through a dozen times. It is worth noting that the game is distributed free of charge, along with the fact that it requires a minimum system requirements, we can say that everyone can try it.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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