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GRave Defense HD
GRave Defense HD
GRave Defense HD
GRave Defense HD
GRave Defense HD
GRave Defense HD

Review GRave Defense HD

Evgenii Kostrov
GRave Defense HD is a posh game for Android-devices from the genre of Tower Defense. On a plot of the action takes place in 2022, a decade after the nuclear war, will radically change the world. Part of the people managed to hide in the caves, but most still died and those that survived on radiation-contaminated ground, mutated and have become a regular threat is for those who are still considered a reasonable man.

The Reason for the battle

At first people thought wait out until the mutants did not claw each other or until die of hunger, but the latter began to mutate even more, and then learned how to thrive. The meaning was lost in waiting, and then people had to create a brotherhood of survivors out of the cave and start a new war, this time against the mutants.

The most interesting thing in GRave Defense HD

The main difference of this game from the likes of all is to have most of this story. Play it is interesting, if only because to really want to know how it all resolved. Before each new job you will be given a full report on the situation in the war zone, the council on the use of a weapon and a briefing on those individuals with whom you will encounter.

Nuances and tips

Tower with a weapon can be set only in strictly designated areas, but, believe me, there will be plenty. Each of the towers can be upgraded up to five times in the "campaign" and ten times in the "survival". In the case of a competent distribution of weapons in the first mode, you are unlikely to want to be able to destroy it, but in the "survival" of this operation will be quite in demand. Weapons in the game is more than enough, and you are sure to get it, but as you progress through the game levels.


The graphics and sound in GRave Defense HDThe game will delight you with more locations. Will fight in the forest, in the fields, in abandoned villages, beaches, parks, factories, and even dance clubs. In graphic terms the game is made more than worthy. Detailing weapons, mutants, and all of the world too, will be pleased with the quality. Soundtrack consists mainly of fire and music, tune in to the most desperate measures.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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