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Friendly Fire!
Friendly Fire!
Friendly Fire!
Friendly Fire!
Friendly Fire!

Review Friendly Fire!

Aleksei Chernikov
Friendly Fire! - Is a massive multiplayer strategy for Android, in which the player acts as the commander of a large army. To achieve maximum skill in military affairs, on strategy have to spend a lot of time. The game takes place in real time, which imposes on the gameplay need to wait for the construction of buildings or engineering units.
Development of the game took the company Red Robot Labs, which had previously distinguished successful strategy Global Outbreak of a global epidemic terrible virus. At this time, the company decided to make their game in the popular genre. Not to be penny wise and not to create a fictional world, developers have moved all fighting for a land card.


The first thing to do is offered to the user is to select a point on the map for the location of the land there is a military base. In this case the player should not limit yourself outside of your own movement - it may be the area of ​​the Eiffel Tower or the backyard of his house. After that, the player is invited to go a little training defense of their territory, attack enemies and construction of buildings.
As in many similar games, the user at the disposal of a small area. Here you can expand your base, build factories for the production of military equipment. Once the army is ready, you can attack the enemy. At the same time, available as a battle with real players, and artificial intelligence. In the latter case, the player is offered a set of campaign missions. Selecting the enemy, you will be shown the enemy base with special landing points. Should be possible to bring them down all the vital parts of the enemy base, utilizing a minimal amount of units.
Do not forget about the defense. This remark is applicable to both your base and to the enemy. To fend off enemies will build an elaborate system of different protective towers and turrets, and which will also be your enemy. When attacking you need to consider the combat power of protective structures and to select an effective weapon.

Features Friendly Fire! for Android:

  • Excellent 3D-graphics;
  • Fast and friendly learning;
  • Real geographical locations;
  • Simple operation;
  • Huge park combat equipment;
  • Battle with real players.
The game is free, and contains no advertising, as well as other analogs monetized by selling crystals. This currency will not wait a long time for the erection of buildings and construction techniques. By the way, after the initial development, the construction of the army can take from several minutes to several hours. A significant improvement of the building will last up to several days.


Despite the fact that the genre of multiplayer strategies has become very popular, and Google Play filled with a huge number of similar games in terms of content, some strategies are really very good quality and interesting. One such game is Friendly Fire! It preserves all the principles of the popular genre and added features such as modern technology and the ability to drive in the base actually existing geographical location.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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