Forest Zombies
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Forest Zombies
Forest Zombies
Forest Zombies

Review Forest Zombies

Evgenii Kostrov
Forest Zombies is, at first glance, a very simple little arcade game for Android-devices, which would practically incredibly complex battle between the animal and the world beyond the grave. Despite the total absence of the brain works, zombies seem to work for self-preservation. They realized that the human race is too tough for them, and departed for fresh blood and flesh in the forest.

Goals and objectives

In this game you have to arm themselves with a catapult and shoot all the zombies that you can find in the game store. Animals, however, perhaps not fully aware of the seriousness of the situation and are not going to help you by providing missile weapon free. To fill up the arsenal, you'll have to buy it in the embedded store and get the money only for work done.

Features Forest Zombies

Some representatives of the people have lost the fear of the forest so that quietly strolling in the woods, waiting for the next green monster nakinetsya bag over his head and dragged to his lair. Of the game and reminds a real time strategy and Tower Defense simultaneously. To throw in another dead ax or explosives, you have to wait for some time (it is that with regards to strategy), but the zombies are attacking undulating character than similar genre Tower Defense.


Management, graphics and soundControl of the game is very complex, and it is best to get it to play on the Tablet PC. For a shot from a catapult to touch it, and then use the sliding motions on the screen to select the trajectory of a projectile launched. This should draw attention to the fact that the projectile after landing can ride any distance on the ground. This is especially true of explosives. The graphics are quite acceptable. Musical accompaniment is excellent and perfectly lifts morale.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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