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Review VivaVideo

Kirill Muhin
VivaVideo - is a video editor for Android, which is characterized by ease of use and wide range of effects and filters, with which you can transform any movie. In addition to working with ready-made clips, you can write a new, just by adding visual effects. So you can create a great presentation, based on favorite photos and combining them with the transition.
The application interface has turned out successful, intuitive menus and windows, will quickly understand and start working on the video. All filters and effects are applied by simply selecting from the list, although there is no setting, although this is offset by a large variety. The main menu offers quickly select the operating mode: video recording, simplified editing, creation and presentation of a professional editor.

Application features

Appendix though belongs to the category of video editors, its functionality in the field of cutting and handling of the video very modest. Developers did focus on a simple and quick way to add a variety of visual "chips" and filters. That is, its primary purpose decorate clip, giving it an original and more colorful look. But if necessary, you can still cut and paste fragments, impose an additional audio track or subtitles
Selecting or writing movie, you can divide it into pieces or simply add all kinds of decorations, transforming the end result of all recognition. And here at your disposal is a huge set of tools, dozens of filters, subscriptions, conversions, and other elements will make your masterpiece.
The program also has additional features, for example, you can create a presentation of images, again using a large set of tools. Incidentally, the basic kit can be replenished by downloading the necessary elements from the server, and you can do so for free.
Another nice feature is the video recording with pre-graphical improvements, so you can shoot video with mirroring or imitation "door peephole." The resulting video can be further processed or combined with other cold cuts to achieve the desired result.

Features VivaVideo for Android:

  • Intuitive interface;
  • Editing and layout of video;
  • Record movies with effects;
  • Large range of filters and themes;
  • Additional content loads in addition free.
Serious shortcomings in the application does not, with the duties it copes fine. We can point out that a slow process, in particular, a long movie with a lot of effects will persist for several minutes. There are other minor issues, but they are all quite acceptable, because the program is distributed on a complimentary basis.


VivaVideo suit those looking for a simple tool for decorating videos. But if you need a serious tool for cutting and editing clips, the program would be virtually useless because it can offer only modest functional in this direction.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 6/10
Design 9/10
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Ashira maragrag
Gusto kongkong gumawa ng vivadeo
It is a very nice aap and lots of fun with it .
syed murtaza
just like am in a film industry.
Servando Tio
i cant download the viva pls help meh
Tariq Abdulla
If you look above the review there's a link labelled "free version". Click on that to go to the Play store, where you can remotely install the app on your device
I can't get my vivavideo to connect with youtube. It tells me to create a channel and return to the app, but I have a channel. I can't find anyway to tell it where my channel is so I can export to youtube.
jam dilawar
vip apps
nitin holkar
very nice app
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