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CastleVille Legends
CastleVille Legends
CastleVille Legends
CastleVille Legends
CastleVille Legends
CastleVille Legends
CastleVille Legends

Review CastleVille Legends

Kirill Muhin
CastleVille Legends - this colorful town-planning simulator for Android, where you go into the fairy world and headed his little kingdom. Get to work, erecting new buildings, growing food and producing goods. Uncover all the secrets and take part in the search for legendary treasure.
Engaged in the creation of games by Zynga, which is well known for arcade ZombieSmash . But Facebook users will recognize this simulator, because he was one of the most popular and sought after in the social network. Thus, players can now enjoy a previously created the universe and remember the main characters. Together with the relocation of common history, a lot of additional plot points and some improved graphics.


The whole gameplay is twisted around your kingdom, which will gradually grow and improve. You play the role of a ruler who decides on all issues. In addition to construction and production, will need to take care of and to expand their land, but it needs to carry out quests and raise the level of the hero. With each new LevelUp `nd you will open new buildings, products and territories.
An important point is the production, because with it you will make money. It is noteworthy that the game provides technological chain - from a single product manufactured more complicated. For example, gathering wood, you can make a torch or arrows. The more complicated the final product, the more expensive it can be sold.
The main part of the quests are standard for this type of genre. You must perform these simple steps: building a specific building, resource extraction, and much more. In addition, there is the story missions that open up as soon as you gain a certain level.

Features CastleVille Legends for Android:

  • Bright hand-drawn;
  • Interesting storyline;
  • Variety of buildings and goods;
  • A huge number of quests;
  • Large game world.
In comparison with similar game can please excellent graphics and thought-out plot, thus, any deficiencies in the implementation is not observed. Minus here is the presence of Donat, which limits gameplay, forcing the closure of action expected for several hours.


CastleVille Legends - it's a great town-planning simulator with a fabulous story that will bring a lot of pleasant experiences and will allow to pass a few hours. To fully enjoy this free game account to be used Facebook, which will attract friends and get useful gifts.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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How do you sign out of the game on a Kindle to change to another account?
Tariq Abdulla
I don't really know how this works for kindles, but I think you might need to just set up a second account on your kindle, and try changing this in the game settings
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