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Kirill Muhin
INOQONI - is a logic game for Android, where you have to help the little girl escape from the mysterious tower. Strolling with his mother, the heroine stumbles upon a strange building and curiosity comes into it. Tower walls are impregnated with magic that will not just get out of her rooms. Magic mirrors, distorting space will help you in solving many puzzles.
Game got interesting graphics and atmospheric design, all the floors of the tower in the same style, but each of them received some of his individual differences. Heroes and location are traced with a decent quality of detail that draws the eye. Pleasing and professional musical arrangement, which fits perfectly into the overall picture of the game.


As the game belongs to the genre of puzzles, then you waiting unhurried gameplay. In each level you have to reach the door leading to the next floor. Often, the solution lies on the surface, but the farther you will go, the harder it will be the solution. It is worth noting that there are arcade gameplay elements, in particular, you have to jump over the spikes and kill the revived Knights and avoid contact with other troubles.
The fundamental element is the interaction with a magic mirror that allows you to change the world by making a mirror projection. Pressing a special button, you can reflect on the vertical location, getting the opportunity to get to the hidden items. Doing the same thing next to the mirror, you will get through the looking glass, into a kind of alternative space where all items will be placed in reverse order. So with the help of mirrors, you can drag objects.
In addition to magic tricks, you will need to work with simple objects: boxes, stones, switches, locking mechanisms, and many others. To obtain the highest marks for passing level must reach the exit for the minimum time possible and catch a butterfly, which appears after you perform a specific action.
With the management should have no problems. It implemented a simple scheme: there are two left arrows to move through space, the two buttons on the right - the distortion of space and jump. Activating objects and mechanism occurs automatically come close enough to the interactive element.

Features INOQONI for Android:

  • Graphics with a good design;
  • The unusual idea of ​​the game;
  • Nontrivial puzzles;
  • More than 60 levels of varying difficulty;
  • Simple operation.
The game is distributed free of charge and does not have an abundance of donation or advertising. Other deficiencies could not be found, all performed excellently. You can make a small remark about the fact that the game is not any clues or bonuses, but it does not spoil, but only complicates gameplay.


INOQONI - this is a great puzzle game that is sure to delight all fans of the genre. The unusual idea of ​​using a mirror effect makes the gameplay interesting and sometimes even original.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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