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Pocket God
Pocket God
Pocket God
Pocket God
Pocket God

Review Pocket God

Aleksei Chernikov
Pocket God - it is a fun and original game for Android, which allows the player to become a god of one of the tribes of the fictional world. Define the genre of the game is very difficult, as it combines the freestyle mode bullying pygmies, puzzles and some mini-arcade of which would leave some full games.
Game development company took Bolt Creative. Despite the fact that the developer is offering just one game, it is unique and one of a kind. The game is full of black humor, a huge amount of funds for the government of the world, and many others, which makes the game quite interesting and amusing.


Game welcomes the user and six island pygmies. What to do with them? Yes, anything. You can take a man's leg and send directly to the crater of the volcano, feed him to the sharks, or incinerate lightning. Also available and more peaceful means to motivate the development of the Pygmies - get the Kindle Fire, fishing and even save her from the clutches of a tribesman huge gorilla. The number of pygmies is not restricted, and to replenish the tribe, just press the corresponding key on the top panel.
On the same panel is all the instruments of God. You can enable and disable various features, and add or change components level. For example, if the device mood, you change the force of gravity. Spend on the horizon and cloudy weather with clouds and lightning replaced clear with clouds and bright sun. In general, you can change a lot of things, and to achieve some of the goals have to smash his head.
The game map consists of several islands with its landscape and feature set. If the first location the player can only banal experiments with pygmies, the more you can play fun mini-games. For example, on one of the islands is a dinosaur egg. If Pygmies will break it, the user will have an opportunity to fight the huge creature. And if you throw a pygmy into the sky, then the game will start in a decent platformer.

Features Pocket God for Android:

  • Funny graphics;
  • Infinite Pygmies;
  • A huge set of tools for management of the world;
  • Unpredictable possibilities of gameplay;
  • Absolute freedom of action;
  • Built-in mini-arcade.
The game is distributed charge and, thus, contains no advertising and gaming purchases. The game is quite fun and take a very long time before the player will face a repeat of all actions. The fact that the arcade is no storyline and any mission. The player has to entertain themselves and invent himself further plan of action.


Pocket God - this is a very fun and interesting game that is also very unique. The player becomes a true god of the whole tribe. Cheering men rainbow or punish by feeding sharks - the player to decide. Over time, this game gets boring process and come to the aid of mini-games. However, no story here is not provided. Thus, the game is not to be taken seriously and try to pass it through. On the other hand, the game can get the title of the original time-killer.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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