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Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VI
Final Fantasy VI

Review Final Fantasy VI

Aleksei Chernikov
Final Fantasy VI - an exciting and very high quality RPG, which is now available for Android. The game's plot unfolds in a fantasy world where there are side by side and the magic of technology. Fourteen heroes role-playing game titanic oppose the regime, simultaneously improving their skills by completing missions and roaming the vast world.
Game development company took Square enix, which, incidentally, has already managed to release a previous part of the series for mobile platforms. As the developers, in the game graphic component is significantly improved, and control is made so that its use has been as intuitive smartphones, and so on plates.


Gameplay is very diverse and consists of several components. The main locations are study mode and battle mode. Also, the player will have to wander around the world, where the characters move on foot schematically dispensations landscape. Manage characters produced in a special menu. There will need to develop the characters, assign them things to pump magic and much more.
Increase the level and characteristics of the character comes with the accumulation of experience points that are awarded for defeating enemies. When the battles you can use no more than four characters. The combat system is similar to the classic single-step mode, however, the number of moves of each character depends on its characteristics and the recovery time course. In battles you can use three skills - a magic spell, normal attack and use of any item.
Outside battles characters proposed to manage with the joystick. As you progress through the player will not only fight with the enemy, but also carry out various missions, interact with NPCs and wander through the fictitious world. The game is made in a fun retro graphics, which involved the creation of famous game designers. And the music playing in the background, will vary depending on the situation.

Features Final Fantasy VI for Android:

  • Diverse gameplay;
  • Great retro graphics;
  • Quality soundtrack;
  • Thoughtful battle mode;
  • 14 unique characters.
The game is distributed for a fee. As in the last part of the Japanese game developers did not hesitate to put a decent price tag - the game will cost $ 15. The game is implemented very efficiently, but the management mode of travel sometimes forces us to make unnecessary movements.


Final Fantasy VI after its release did not just accept the standard game of the 1990s. Japanese RPG can without doubt be attributed to the immortal classic, in which everything worked out to the last detail - from the gameplay, storyline and ending music. However, membership in the game to game consoles makes itself felt. Manage though adapted for mobile platforms, but in some aspects it is quite uncomfortable.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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