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Aleksei Chernikov
Posted: Aleksei ChernikovTested 30 Apr 2017 on HTC One

Awesome and user-friendly video editor

WeVideo - is a convenient and very simple video editor for Android. Using the application is aimed at creating high-quality videos from multiple records. However, to get rid of excess timing can and using standard software of the device. But to place all the material in a nice envelope with the necessary music, and then upload the video to a cloud server, it is better to use this application.
Application development company took WeVideo inc. However, the video editor is a mobile version of the eponymous Web service that allows a large-scale editing of the video.

Interface and capabilities

As mentioned above, the result of the installation must be downloaded into a cloud storage service. This feature implies that the user needs to register with the application, or login with your Google Account or Facebook. After login the user to open all the possibilities for application. Form filling future roller offered with materials available in the device: Photos, videos, and music.
Additionally, you can decorate with special movie themes. They include a beautiful screen saver before starting a video series, various filters, transitions and even music that corresponds to the selected style. Them, by the way, quite a lot - from the popular «Vintage», to the more specific type «Punk-Rock» and «White Wedding». Also, for each file, you can add titles - original comments, the length and position can also be changed to your taste.
Each uploaded video tape in the future roller is editable. Clicking on a special label, you can choose the borders of the video. If this photo, you can specify the time that will be allocated to the demonstration file. In general, the interface is simple and straightforward intuitive. Upon completion of the movie will be asked to save in three formats. Videos will be uploaded to the repository service, and at the user's file can be placed in the device memory and share it on Facebook or YouTube.

Features WeVideo for Android:

  • Simple and intuitive interface;
  • Branded themes;
  • Adding video, photos and music from your device;
  • The ability to edit each file;
  • Synchronize your device with cloud storage service;
  • Saving files in the memory device.
The application is free, but limited, which are removed through the purchase of additional functions. So, to remove proprietary screensaver application or save a file as 720p or 1080p will have to pay from 1 to 3 dollars. Along with this, the application has obvious disadvantages. For example, created the video should go directly through the server service, and only then you can save it to the gallery of the device. Such unpleasant moment exacerbated problems uploading a file in the "cloud." When testing, the 10-second video clip uploaded to the server for more than 10 minutes at a stable internet connection.


WeVideo can be called one of the most useful and user-friendly video editor. For example, the application is suitable to connect a series of clips from one event in one video. As a bonus, the developers offer a variety of themed design with musical accompaniment. With that, the movie itself can be issued in a few minutes, get it get to see only a few tens of minutes. In this regard, the application does not appeal to lovers of fast video to social networking - the best fit for this Flipgram .
Final ratings
Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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