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Once Upon a Light
Once Upon a Light
Once Upon a Light
Once Upon a Light
Once Upon a Light
Once Upon a Light

Review Once Upon a Light

Kirill Muhin
Once Upon a Light - a high-quality logic game for Android, in which you get to know Eddie revived lamp. This unusual character fits perfectly into the story, designed in the style of steam-punk. Events begin at the factory, where, after the asteroid, there lives a few light bulbs. Eddie fate had separated from his beloved, but once he sees her in a nearby window and now he is ready to do anything to be reunited with her.
The characters and the world are made to match the stories, you will see this strange-looking machines and intricate character models. At the same time has a high quality graphics rendering and well-designed effects that adorn and enliven the game. Performed at the proper level and physics, however, it has shortcomings, but they are made only for the sake of improving the gameplay, which is quite acceptable. Remained without attention and musical component, which fits perfectly into the overall design.


At each level, you must get Eddie out of the window, which opens the way to his beloved. And the farther you will go, the harder it will be this way. Gradually there will be all sorts of obstacles: stone and glass blocks, unpleasant person, blocking the road, and much more. To reach the exit you will need to calculate the trajectory and consider a possible rebound.
Driven solely by means of a hero of sharp jumps, although it is not clear how he does it. In addition to the main goal, you should make sure to collect all the spheres of energy, scattered across the expanses of the location. A specific function, they are deprived, but with their help you can get much more points for completing the level.
Manage built is quite simple. You need to click on the hero, and hold your finger to hold the side, to determine the strength and direction of the throw. To help you, will be allocated to multiple items, for example, a temporary plug, where light may be delayed until the next jump. Particular attention was paid to ricochet through which you can reach your target, bypassing the dangers and collecting bonuses. Of course, not without bonuses, although they are quite rare, and spend their worth in exceptional cases.

Features Once Upon a Light for Android:

  • Qualitatively designed graphics;
  • The original story of the hero;
  • More than 90 levels;
  • Set of aids and bonuses;
  • Manage one finger.
Drawbacks of the game is not received, one can find fault except that the background to the design, although during the passage level at him, no one will pay attention. In all other puzzle only pleases. No claims and price, which is $ 1.5, which fully complies with the content.


Once Upon a Light belongs to the category of arcade puzzles that are tied to physics. A large variety of levels will allow for a few days to forget about boredom, the more that the gameplay is not boring and almost constantly happy new challenges.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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