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Haypi Monster
Haypi Monster
Haypi Monster
Haypi Monster
Haypi Monster
Haypi Monster
Haypi Monster

Review Haypi Monster

Kirill Muhin
Haypi Monster - is a fantasy board game for Android, in which you will take part in the battles monsters. Your hero waits long journey across several continents. To win and stay alive need to constantly improve their pets, training and equipping them with various artifacts. Assemble the best team of monsters, and you can destroy all the bosses, as well as take part in online battles between real players.
Fabulous world made in a rather simple manner. Drawn graphics has an interesting design, although in general there is nothing spectacular or original. Monsters, as a key element, got lots of variety, however, they are all drawn sparingly, without going into detail and animation. But the most offensive battles look boring and monotonous, and a set of effects did not improve the situation.


Gameplay is divided into two components: the hero's journey and battle monsters. During the move, on the location, the character will move through the cells, while it moves determined by the number that fell on the dice. As you can see, in this mode gameplay repeats board games. By the way, each cell traveler expects: rival, bonus cash prize and other events. The combat system is constructed in the manner of a duel - the arena, you will see two creatures attacking each other in turn. Then you need to choose the type of attack, use artifacts and make change combat character.
Complements gameplay RPG-component, which can be used to pump as his hero, and all beings. Each monster, who took part in the battle, will receive experience points and, therefore, can increase the level. Gradually beings will become more powerful and at the same time to change his appearance. Even stronger fighter can do magical things that you can get for a win or buy a special shop. It is noteworthy that brought together the right amount of resources can produce a mutation that would create a new creature.
We should also talk about the multiplayer, which allows you to merge or to fight against real players. For example, some missions can be overcome only in cooperative mode, in which you team up with another hero and his monsters. You can also face off in the arena system for PvP, that sometimes more interesting than going through the storyline.

Features Haypi Monster for Android:

  • Cute hand-drawn;
  • More than 100 kinds of monsters;
  • System improvements and bleeding;
  • A large number of artifacts;
  • Online battles in the cooperative and PvP modes.
In fact, the game has a lot of shortcomings. Graphics flat, created with minimal use of fantasy, no-designed animations and even acceptable quality effects. Battles also not the most dynamic and exciting, it all goes in a boring steps. And on top of all this, you will meet with Donato, which can greatly affect the passage levels.


Haypi Monster - is another board game with elements of RPG. Anything fundamentally new developers do not have. But fans of the genre certainly would be pleased larger world, a variety of monsters, the system of "pumping" and modest online. On top of all, you can download the game for free.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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